ZMF Headphones



Honestly… I think the Auteur would be a better partner with the Aeon open. Or just something with a bit more neutrality. The Aeon open hits way harder in the midbass than the closed does (surprisingly), and it’s a bit more coloured and “romantic” as Tyll says. Personally I love the Aeon Open for precisely those qualities, but I wouldn’t use it as a statement on neutrality or linearity. So in that sense, getting the Aeolus would be doubling down on the same kind of thing, just not quite as fast, but with a bigger stage. I think the way to go is one planar and one dynamic, one coloured and one more neutral/reference. That way you can switch between the two depending on your mood and music.


I’m probably biased, so keep that in mind. I personally think the Aeolus kicks the AFO’s butt all over the dojo when it comes to classic rock and blues. It checks a lot more boxes for those genres, specifically in the mids where the guitars and vocals live.

You said Auteur, which is a fair bit more neutral than the Aeolus.

I guess it depends on which way he wants to go, improve on the afo, or get something much different that complements it.


Yeah fair enough. Just out of curiosity, what’s your dac/amp for the AFO? I found myself merely… whelmed by the AFO at first, until I threw it on the IHA-6’s balanced out, and now I’m addicted haha. I found myself reaching for it about the same amount of time when compared with my Auteur, which surprised me actually, considering I tend to be a neutralhead. I think I’m also just addicted to the planar speed in general, so I’m likely biased the other way.