Wireless headphones, Yay or Nay?



Recently been introduced to Tom Bihn by @ChaseReeves. High quality gear to store high quality gear.



ha, yeah, i’ve tried a ton of different bags, and for travel theirs is the best - might not be the best style, but I only care about that for the first 20 minutes.

The other go-to bag I use is the Mission Workshop Rambler - nice and thin and expands massive - great for urban travel.

Otherwise the Bihn Synapse 25 or Pilot is great for EDC


Has anyone checked out the new Grado wireless headphones yet? The GW100. I am curious if they have the usual Grado sound or if they have modified it a little bit to be a little more modern.


Check these out – https://www.aliexpress.com/item/TRN-BT20-Bluetooth-V5-0-Ear-Hook-MMCX-2Pin-Connector-Earphone-Bluetooth-Adapter-For-SE535-UE900/32955022313.html

Fully Wireless 2-Pin and MMCX connector adapter!


Only $26 today on 11.11 day


Looks very interesting but I’ll wait on this. I’m concerned about the weight and stability and cosmetics of these “hearing aids”…and generally prefer a behind the neck cable for Bluetooth, as it’s too easy to lose/drop one side.


I picked one up to try it out. Will be using it with CIEMs so I doubt i’ll have falling out issues but will try with universals too.


Hello there . How loud are the Senns …I was told they re not that very loud for listening edm…


I can’t say I’ve noticed any issues. Even on noisy flights the music is loud enough for me personally. I guess ultimately it depends on how loud you actually want to listen to your music (without permanently damaging your hearing!).

You definitely notice an improvement in sound-stage when using them corded through an amp though, the ANC has that typical “muddy” sort of effect on them and quietens them a little.

Maybe go to a store and try a pair out (if possible)?


Here’s my quick 15 min impression of the TRN BT20 bluetooth IEM adapters that make any detachable IEM completely wireless.



No instructions in the box!

The charging cable splits off into two microusb heads for charging each side at the same time. Pretty nice. Wish it would have some sort of dock though.

Pairing - turn both on and they automatically paired to each other. One side will remain in pairing mode and that’ll pair with your device. Device is “TRN”

Looks like AAC is available for higher quality BT. No AptX or LDAC though. I am using AAC streaming from my phone.

I have the 2-pin version hooked up to my Unique Melody ME1 CIEMs and it works fine. Fits great. No floppiness, and doesnt feel like its there. Lightweight enough. Bare in mind, the ME1 is a heavy IEM and it doesnt feel like any additional weight. I’ll have to try it later with a really light IEM like the P4 Pro with the mmcx version I have, or the KZ ZSN.

Sound quality, works fine. Not as good as LDAC which is what I’ve been used to lately for BT but its not bad at all. I rate AAC just barely behind AptX HD and above AptX but not on par with LDAC.

Range is quite good for bluetooth! I put the phone in bedroom in one corner of my tri-level house and walked downstairs to the home theater room corner and still had clean signal. Walked outside and lost a little bit though. Still better than any BT device I’ve had so far.

Ok that’s it for now. This was my 15 minute test. :)


Wireless is great when wires can get in the way, and very convenient. Love my Senn Momentum 2.0 wireless (that can also be used wired) for travelling (which are also noise cancelling).