What's in the box!


Looks nice. I was just looking at a variety of DAPs today. Researching myself insane…:grinning:

Looks like that one could work with Roon in the Airplay, although DLNA probably sounds better…please report on how you like the user interface, easy of use, etc…once you get. a feel for it…


I am glad you like it. I bet it does sound really good with your Andromeda’s. Enjoy.



It is very snappy and smooth. Music plays very quick. It is a little bit awkward going through my Files…but I blame that on me not having them all that organized. I’m more of a streaming music kind of person, I’m looking forward to them getting Spotify working on this.


I just received this one. Astell & Kern Kann. It’s portable so to speak, but not really suitable for carrying on your belt or in your pocket, weighing in at 10 ounces. Using with my Senn HD 700s. Drives them nicely…


That is a good looking DAP, and it powers the HD700 that is nice! HD700 has a special place on my desk, I thoroughly enjoy them.