What was the first pair of headphones that made you say HOLY CRAP?


I do remember this. My friend Chase had the most epic Walkman. He was letting me listen to it on the bus ride on the way home. I dropped it, and it didn’t skip. Thing of legend, forget the model but it was a Sony discman with a locking hinge and built in belt clip and probably some outrageous color like yellow (whatever was “cool” at the time with athletic portable gear.)


Dire straits are really good to listen to. Especially with your favourite headphones. I really like the guitar playing on most of his music.He’s a very talented singer/songwriter/musician.


Senn HD580 paired with a valve amp did it for me.


I had almost forgotten the Pro4A! They were great.


Etymotic ER4Ps. 14 years old and still going strong. 4 months later a HeadRoom Total Bithead was the first headphone amplifier that made me say HOLY CRAP!


Just a good old HD 600. It was the first pair of hi-fi headphones I ever tried or bought. My HOLY CRAP moment was listening to a song on my Audiophile playlist that I THOUGHT I knew. The HD600 made me realize I missed out on at least 20% of the incredible detail in the song.

It felt almost like the song was “slower” because of how much more detail I could hear.


I would say the Fostex / Massdrop TH-X00. Bass like that was a revelation - emphasized in a very fun way, without being stupidly distorted. I got the HD600 around the same time, and I basically didn’t use it because I like the TH-X00 so much (at least for a while).

Over time I’ve definitely found its flaws, but it is still just about the most fun I can have with EDM.


The Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro was the first headphone that really GRABBED my attention! Had more than a dozen holy crap moments with it in that first week of listening!


As in an uphill struggle that is, right?


So that’s maybe why the flagship Grado’s actually sound better than my SR80i?


It’s the voice cioil.
Hand woundin Brooklyn.


Any idea on how these compare to a HiFiMan 4XX? I keep seeing positive reviews/comments for the Oppo but they’re around $500AUD and I really don’t need another set of headphones…


You had a good upbringing then haha when I was 12 I was in love my shitty vibrating skull candies.


akg k26p in summer 2007


I don’t have a 4XX to compare to the Oppos. I do have a 400S, which is kind of in the ballpark, but the 4XX as I understand it is equivalent to a 400i. Anyway, the 400S has more bass impact, but for classical music the Oppo is really excellent and the 400S can’t compare on detail and imaging. Both are super easy to drive.


Grado SR60’s on a FiiO E6 listening to Eddie Vedder’s cover of Hard Sun.


Yes! Proof that even budget headphones can make you say HOLY CRAP! In a good way.


Yes! They had to be one of the best bangs for the buck of all time



There’s just something about the Grado sound. Especially if you haven’t hear too many other headphones.


Stax SR-3. An afterthought after purchasing a moderate audiophile system, Rappaport, Quatre, IM Fried speakers. The Stax blew away the Fried speakers KEF drivers quite easily.