What was the first pair of headphones that made you say HOLY CRAP?


That’d sum up about 50% of my initial Grado experience … (though one could never really complain about air, or detail).

The other 50% would be me whining about comfort.

Oddly, I LOVE their aesthetic. Even on the bakelite-look-alike SR60 (or whatever alphabetic annotations that model has now).


These 1920s “Grado” headphones made me say HOLY CRAP when they nearly electrocuted me:


My father had an old set laying around and often warned of electrocution risk.

I laughed when someone said on Youtube that Grado has a “1980s retro feel.” AKG’s springy headbands look like the 1980s, Grado has a much more ancient look.


I have four pairs that do this, but none are them are perfect, Some are comfort related complaints, if you could call them that. None are bad fits, but of the four listed below the HiFiMan seem to fit me the best. All make great music. The Senn HD 800 would be the first pair, since its the first of the four I bought, but all four qualify for the Holy Crap Club.

Senn HD 800 - large ear pads get hot. A little too bright with some music
Audeze LCD-X - great cans, but mighty heavy
Hi-FiMan HE-6SE - Love these, but very power hungry headphones
Mr. Speakers Ether 2 - these are my newest set, and they are nice and light. Getting used to the narrow wire headband. They do sound fantastic.