What Was "Best" Concert you ever went to?


" How Sweet it was" back in those old days. Loads of unbelievable stories to be told. Thanks!

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Oh and George Thorogood and the Destroyers used to put on one helluva stage show. Not sure how I missed them as I used to go any time he was within a few hundred miles. Always fun, and always engaging.

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back in early 70’s hanging out at local park that had a band shell. Bill Haley and the Comets were playing there, I don’t think it was advertised as there couldn’t have been more than 50 people total, and this was a free concert. Put on a hell of a good show.
I’d have loved to see SRV & Jerry Lee…

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How Awesome. For sure pioneers of Rock and Roll. I was 4 years old when they did “Rock Around the Clock” . We all owe many thanks to this great band who led the way to R&R. It took bands like this to make R&R bands we have today.

For me they their legacy will live on forever.




Ozzy Osbourne, about 10 years ago. Full backstage “universal” pass. Got to meet Ozzy, hang out with Zakk Wylde and Mike Bordin. Ended up standing right at the front barrier, without assigned seats. The people we (me and my best friend) were standing in front of were not pleased. They complained to the security guy, and he came over and looked at our passes. “Damn…how’d you get those??? Turns to the lady complaining Sorry ma’am, there is nothing I can do…”

Felt awesome to be honest. My one night of being a “VIP” haha.



Jimi Hendrix in Houston summer 1970



Saw him in “Black Sabbath” 48 years ago. Near stage of College Auditorium. Although it was packed it was a small venue, as most were back then.

Now I’m just a 68 year old fart with great memories.




John Williams, Hollywood Bowl. It’s him conducting the orchestra playing his iconic movie themes while the scenes are projected in the background. He played the opening scene of the Last Crusade, with River Phoenix playing young Indy, with all the audio besides the music. Then he repeated the scene but with the orchestra playing the music. It was a completely different experience. He explained that the moving pictures and dialog and sound effects tell us what to think, but it’s the music that tells us what to feel. It made me realize that my favorite songs are the soundtrack to my life.



No doubt. I saw John Williams in Bostons with the Boston Pops Orchestra. It was quite a thrill.



One of the first and best concerts I’ve ever been to: https://tidal.com/album/152323

Second one would have been Phil Colins, I can’t remember when or what tour it was though.

Most epic, although not the best sound quality, was Clash of the Titans at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. The mosh pit was pure life energy unleashed.



Great Cover and Poster. :sunglasses:

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How could I forget? Oh yes, the sixties. No. I can’t blame the 60s because it was 1973.

Saw Springsteen doing The Wild, the Innocent, and the E St. Shuffle tour. Great music. Great sound. Bruce would lean up against Clarence Clemons (sax) like he was the side of a building. He might as well have been.

Saw him again about 3-4 years later, when he was doing Born to Run. Still good, but I liked the first concert better. It was the last I saw Clarence Clemons.