What Was "Best" Concert you ever went to?


Early High School, St Louis Symphony. WOW. Later in HS, Huge Peter, Paul & Mary fan. One of the great
acoustic groups. They could really hold an audience. Later 60’s, While in the service, saw Segovia and later
Iron Butterfly. In more recent times, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Bonnie Raitt and Alison Krauss. AKUS
really stands out in my mind because of the quality of their live performance. I’ve always loved a person or group
who sound as good live as their recordings.


Me too. Beach boys I’ve since I was little. One song I’ll never forget is their live concert version of " Good Vibration " Studio version sucks compared to this live performance which can be had on cd and I assume vinyl.
They really kicked butt live.


Some even sound better live. Sonia Dada fell squarely into that camp, as do The Indigo Girls IMHO.


A fellow St Louisan? It’s interesting how a disproportionate number of Midwestern cities like St Louis, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Chicago have great symphony orchestras. I suppose it has to do with when they saw the greatest relative prosperity, namely the steam age and early oil age, a time when this kind of music was still very popular.


I’ve seen the St. Louis Symphony a few times - always worth the price of admission. Tell me what you remember about Segovia. I’m sure Peter, Paul & Mary were very good too.

One of the best concerts I saw was Blue Oyster Cult. Their lead-in groups at the time were a couple of bands that later got pretty well know, Gentle Giant, and Kiss. But Blue Oyster Cult deserved its place as the headliner. I can still hear “Bru’s Boogie”.


It’s hard for me to imagine many recordings come close attending a symphonic presentation. I have been fortunate to own some very nice equipment and not ever get close to to " Live "
Too many subtleties, spectral colors, and art being rendered with a soul all its own

My very favorite Symphony Concert I attended.
Seiji Ozawa and the Boston Symphony Orchestra with Itzhak Perlman
" Brahms - Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77 "

A man’s soul through his instrument . :hushed:


pennstac, I wish I could tell you about Segovia but that concert was about 50 years ago and my ageing/failing
memory is failing me on this one. I can say that at that period of my life, I was a Folky but also in the Navy so
my guitar playing was limited. I had hooked up with a guy in Baltimore who ran a small music store and Coffee
shop and published a small magazine dealing with things folk. I was actually able to get into the concert for free
using some questionable press credentials. I do remember that I enjoyed the concert but don’t remember what
the program was.


My favorite concerts are 1968’s Jimi Hendrix Experience (hard to regain my hearing after that one). It was very loud and he was the most impressive guitar player I ever heard. Next would be 1970’s Chicago. In their heyday, back during the first two double albums, they put on an amazing show. Their guitarist, Terry Kath, was also a very impressive guitarist. He played in a group that featured horns and guitar work, so he wasn’t the centered focus of their work but that didn’t take away from his abilities. Those were my two favorite concerts. I still listen to that music as if it were new today. It hasn’t lost any of its brilliance over these years.

Great music is great music, in all forms, and it doesn’t fade away. But back then who could even guess what we were hearing was so important.



I sure relate to that. Now 68 yrs. old " Memories " of some of my favorite concert are still fresh on my mind.



I’m listening to Angelique Kidjo on my HD58X right now (sounds fantastically clear and punchy) and I’m having fond recollections of seeing her at the Festival International de Louisiane. It’s a great festival, in a great little town in one of the most unique states in the union, and I feel like it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves.


Carmantom, I am only 3 years younger than you and I am thankful that I grew up when I did. My son’s friends ask me questions about what it was like to grow up with The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Chicago, etc. It was a very rich time for rock music.



I just listened. Very Dynamic and punchy. Thanks


In looking forward to future “best” concerts, I’ve been wanting something like a music discovery service for live music. It turns out that Bandsintown is just that. I think I looked at it once a long time ago and wasn’t impressed, but this time around it’s pretty neat. It scanned the music library on my iPhone and now it’s giving me all sorts of germane recommendations. Next date night, I’ll actually have a chance of finding something interesting rather than just rolling the dice!


The best concert I went to TODAY was the Dead Daisies playing a nice session in the local Guitar Center. Some neat tunes. A cover of Let it Be, and a cute “Get a Haircut and a Job”


I didn’t see it but I’ve been listening to this a lot. it’s especially good with headphones/iems. One of the few concert recordings that I can really feel the size of the venu.
Peter Gabriel
Secret World

not sure why my link isn’t showing correctly, have to work on that!


I’m sure it was a great concert. Looks to me the listing is right provided you wanted to go to " BVest Concerts "


Either Newport 69 or petty @ tweeter


Been to Newport. Saw Tom Petty R.I.P Tampa

Always so many great artists at Newport Jazz Festival :sunglasses:


Weekend to remember, bs&t, j. Beck, j Tull, Led Zeppelin. Not real jazz, but I at least wasn’t looking for that.rain made it a little interesting.


Although I didn’t get to the concert, if you are a fan of the Goo Goo Dolls this one would’ve been a lot of fun!