What Was "Best" Concert you ever went to?


I love some Johnny Cash, especially his last few albums. My Dad was a huge music junky, he loved everything from Blues/Jazz - funk - reggae - bluegrass- rock ‘n’ roll etc. even some country music. We always had music or NPR going at all times at the house. He grew up as a Surfer/skater kid in the 60’s and 70’s in Santa Cruz and he passed a lot of that on to my brother an I. My brother is more the concert goer, where as I like to not be in crowds… =) hence probably my obsession with headphones. I have fond memories of Snowboarding in the morning listening to random funk/punk/rock/hip-hop on my walkman, then jumping in the truck with my Dad and Brother listening to the Rolling Stones, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers (early stuff) and hauling butt down to Point Reyes to catch the evening surf sessions. Then ending the night at our campground eating some good food from the local shops and listening to more of the same (usually some Bob Marley thrown in the mix also).


Hehe, ah well it’s a different culture over here in the UK. Especially in the 60’s and 70’s I don’t think that there was much of a surfing/skating scene around where I was brought up in the North of England. You seem to have had the Californian sort of scene if I’m not much mistaken. Which I probably am. :slight_smile:

We did have a great music scene in the UK though in the 60’s and 70’s. Just that your household was musically inclined. Still I am trying to make up for it now. My teenage years were in the Eighties, wow what an eclectic mash of music that was. I still have a great fondness for its music but music after the turn of 2000 not so much. I can’t get into rap and some of the newer genres. Although to be honest it’s probably my fault for not investing enough time in in. I do find myself moving back through the decades insearch of music at the moment. Nothing in particular. Just trying to wet my nose with a little Jazz at the moment. Through Spotify playlists and available jazz albums.

After listening multiple times to Jazz at the PawnShop I was just thinking of what you said about liking percussion sort of stuff and the very first track has that kind of vibe. I really like this album.

I am going to look into getting a few percussion style albums downloaded and give them a listen.



Yeah California born and raised, now living in Seattle WA area. I was born in 81, but thanks to my upbringing was exposed to all sorts of music. As a rebellious teenager I gravitated to the hated 90s hip-hop, and underground hip-hop scene, but always had a diversified music collection.


Seattle isn’t that Microsoft country. :thinking:



Wife is a Microsoftie…:grin:


Sounds wonderful. Atom Heart Mother is great. I wish I’d had a chance to see Barrett. Small venues are so good. I remember seeing Papa John Creach with some of the personnel from the Hot Tuna days in a little jazz bar that I just walked into. $8 cover. Not at all the same level of talent as Pink Floyd in the early days, and man, at the Fillmore East.


And a change-up in music here. I can’t say there was a best concert, but a lot of memorable ones. Got to see the Osborne Brothers outdoors at some fair. I must have been 15 or 16, because I think it was when I lived in Missouri. I don’t care for “country music” which I think of as “country music product” but I do like good bluegrass. They did a great Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and of course, their signature Rockytop.


Small venues Oh yes those were the days. Santana, Chambers Brothers, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, James Gang, Santana and many more I saw in small auditoriums, Many others too


OK This has got to be the "Best Concert these people ever went too"

I was living in Worcester just about this time, maybe a tad later.

We used to have a small club in the area called "Sir Morgans Cove

I unfortunately was not one of these people. Check this clipping from the local newspaper about an event very few ever knew about. * Drum Roll Please *

_Forgotten Concerts _

Little Boy Blue & The Cockroaches played a single show in their career, but it was memorable. They packed the 300-seat Sir Morgan’s Cove in Worcester on Sept. 14, 1981 with 4,000 cheering fans outside the club.

Never heard of Little Boy Blue & The Cockroaches? Not surprising since it was the nom de guerre used by The Rolling Stones as the prepped for their 1981 U.S. tour.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the boys chose the intimate Green Street club, later known as The Lucky Dog Music Hall and now The Cove Music Hall, to warm up less than two weeks before the tour’s official kickoff at John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia.

The tour had eyed Boston’s Orpheum Theater, but Mayor Kevin C. White turned them down citing public safety concerns.

The Rolling Stones had been staying at Long View Farm in North Brookfield in the weeks before the Worcester show. News reports at the time estimated the band paid $2,000 a day to rent the 140-acre farm to rehearse and prepare for their first tour in three years.

WAAF-FM worked with the band to select the proper right club for the warm-up and gave away tickets to the gig. Stones keyboardist Ian Stewart reportedly chose Sir Morgan’s Cove after touring other Worcester nightspots

On the night of Sept. 14, a 30-foot motor coach pulled up to the Worcester club with 75 police officers dispatched to control the crowd, which was understandably excited, but not unruly. Only four arrests for disorderly conduct were made.

Once inside, the Stones played a mix of old and recent tunes for the lucky audience.

The exact setlist for the show is uncertain with some fans maintaining the band played a dozen or so songs, while others insist the Stones performed as many as 22 songs that night.

Among the classic Stones hits played were “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “Sympathy for the Devil,” and “Honky Tonk Women.”

The band offered more recent material, like “Start Me Up,” “She’s So Cold” and “When the Whip Comes Down.”

After the show, the Stones returned to North Brookfield.

Days later, a private jet took them from Worcester Airport to Philadelphia for the start of the tour.

IMAGINE THAT . It happened for real


I have just been getting interested in Bluegrass, nothing specific but I do love to listen to stringed instruments. I envy the skill to be able to play well.



The premier of The Wall at Los Angeles Coliseum… We set right behind the sound booth. So we got the perfect sound. Got offered $30000 for those tickets. KMET LA. Sold the tickets., you mailed in a check and an order form. They drew for tickets on air. We got the first two.


I saw Sigur Ros in a small Berlin club with my future wife in 2005. Perfect company, nearly perfect acoustics. Unforgettable.


Awesome! I just Googled them and saw one of their Music Videos. Crazy visual effects. How was their stage light show? If it was even close to what I saw in the video that would have been great.


Unfortunately (and fortunately) that was too small a venue for anything fancy-- but the shows I’ve seen since then have been visually stunning.

One of the few bands I can think of that I like better live-- definitely worth checking out if Icelandic dreampop is your thing.


Just went online and listened to " Show Me ’ video. Very nice ! She has a nice voice. I’ve not seen too many female voices playing bass before


I have more recent showings compared to you all but some of my personal favorites were:

  • Sigur Ros at Benaroyal Hall in Seattle (Takk tour) in 2005? - it’s the home of our Seattle Symphony. Great venue.

  • Muse at Neumo’s in Seattle (pre-Absolution tour) in 2003? - This was a hole in the wall venue that’s typically for local and indie bands. But Muse played here before they got big in the US. Their next show a year later was in an big arena. Me and a couple hundred lucky people got to see them in this intimate venue. My friends and I were right up front and center for the entire show too. Incredible.

  • Radiohead at White River Ampitheater (In Rainbows Tour) in 2007? - in Auburn, WA

  • Sonic Youth at The Showbox in Seattle in 2004 or 05 (Sonic Nurse tour). This was a great band playing in my favorite venue in town, which has sadly just announced that the land it is on was sold to commercial real-estate to make way for luxury apartments in the heart of downtown Seattle. Sad. SAAAAD.


Now that I am so jealous :scream: about. When they toured here in . Tampa a couple of years ago they sold out 15 minutes. I am 68 and love Radiohead


Yea, Radiohead is amazing live. This was the In Rainbows tour back in 2006 or 07. I used to go to 30-35 shows every year for a few years straight (college and first few years out) and never had I listened to a band make my body move – legs swaying uncontrollable – like Radiohead did that night. It was awesome. My Bloody Valentine did that too but that was because… well the shoegazer wall of noise… how do you not get physically moved by it?


We are in the Amazon now. They control everything in Seattle now, for good (fast delivery for everything!) or for bad (traffic and housing prices!!). :slight_smile:


In April of 2016, I saw Santana and Journey play in Allentown. Had a meet and greet with Journey, and took this video of Carlos Santana playing with Journey on my iPhone. Sorry about the chickie in front - but I was too slow to grab front-row seats and just got 2nd row.

I hope this works… several edits later.
Looks like it does, but it downloads for you and not that fast. Had to put it on OneDrive

@andrew Do you have a better solution? I can’t seem to upload a .MOV file here.