What service do you use for music playback?


There is a place for CD. A well made redbook CD gives very good playback with any player that has a reasonable DAC.

I haven’t set up a NAS yet, or a proper music server. When I do, I may finish ripping my CDs to lossless.


Long time Spotify user. Later switched to Tidal, because of my subjective opinion that the quality, even with compression, is better then Spotify. Used it for years, but recently switched back to Spotify due to peer pressure :wink:

Whenever I want an album in higher quality, I just get the flac version and listen to it in Jriver.


Now i’m curious.

Is it software or hardwhere?


Software, but there is a lot of hardware that is built with Roon in mind


If you use Audivana with Tidal then search results are better.


Hope I don’t start something but I use tidal for MQA.
Hoping that Spotify can improve their quality though because Tidal doesn’t have the same choice in music.


The setup is very straightforward. They have instructions online. Maybe not something your dad would be able to do (or my dad), but if you set it up for him, the GUI is intuitive and browser based. Everything can be managed from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. There are other free media players out there, but I like this one because it supports older laptops in addition to ARM devices like the Raspberry Pi, etc. Besides its optimised for audiophile playback. You can read up on it on their website. My two setups run on two identical 10 year old laptops off USB sticks. Depending on the size of your music library you could also just throw a terabyte SSD into your laptop and forego the NAS. Lots of possibilities; and inexpensive.


Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water.
When I wrote earlier, I was thinking about opening up the format flame wars, but just couldn’t go there.

I am really wrestling with what to do about music server / streaming / MQA / Hi-Res Download / Lossless v MQA / waiting for more hardware, prices to drop vs listening now.

I’d like to hear more :scream: but maybe we should start a FORMAT FLAME WARS topic.

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The bulk of my listening is via CD and vinyl. I have a Napster/Rhapsody subscription that I use for the car and general exploration of new stuff…


Like you, I also use more than one. Tidal for anything major, Google Play over BT if I’m like in the shower or something. CD? yep, still buy those too. Have a lot of vinyl . but the things I listen to most are Tidal and Google play followed next by CD.


There has already been lots of debate on the subject of MQA.
I’ll say that for me I can hear a slight difference,music seems to be more detailed,but it’s not night and day difference.


Roon + Tidal is the very best experience out there right now, in my opinion. And I’ve tried nearly every streaming service and music management app. Spotify is definitely a better overall mobile experience though.


That’s what I’m using these days. The convenience of a large streaming catalogue with the Roon sound, hardware control and UI.

I also use Apple music when I’m on my iPhone & Apple TV because it’s so baked in to the Apple ecosystem


I use Amarra, to stream Tidal (plus all my ripped files) a Mac-specific program that lets you do many things, including room correction to address the idiosyncrasies inherent in the acoustics of any given space. But even without that option (which of course comes at an added cost) the interface is much better than Tidal’s.

Hadn’t heard about them going out of business yet. Hope it’s just a rumor.


This reply to many comments. I listen to vinyl quite a bit. I have a good collection of CDs in addition to about 15 or so linear feet of vinyl. And hmmm… I have a system that is in various stages from 1972 to 2018. Not everything works well together.

I have some SONOS equipment, a Play 1 in the kitchen to replace a radio. In my computer room, a couple of Play 3s and a Sub. A Sonos Connect in the Living Room, where it can feed a DAC, or can take a line-in from the pre-amp, or run headphones if I feel it’s not worth connecting the headphone amp.

The Sonos is why I used Deezer Elite, which had a spotty selection but good sound quality. I’ve looked at the Tidal selection, it is strong in 1940s and 1950s Latin invasion, which I like, and even good South American folklore music. I haven’t pulled the trigger on it though, because I am not sure I want to spend enough for some lower audiophile level components. My TEAC DAC is not bad, not that old, but not MQA ready.

I like my Wyred4Sound integrated amp, and they also make a fine Music Server (better than NAS, with onboard storage) and a nice NOT YET MQA certified DAC. Why should I drop $3k-$5k, when the format is not yet dominant, and hardware prices are falling?

And do I really want to support MQA, which lets the music industry protect their real HD lossless files? Yes, listening to Vinyl does give you a yardstick.

Roon looks very nice, but I love album jackets with liner notes also.

Worse, I’m of that generation that thinks of of speaker cables as “wires”. And interconnects as “patch cords”. So while I think that they should be high quality, I’m skeptical of cryogenic treatments and 72 volt batteries connected to nothing so I can hear deeper blacks in the sound.

Is it time to duck for cover yet?


I am a little surprised that Deezer isn’t on the list and I never seen it mentioned in anyone’s post. I use Spotify more than anything else. There new release radar is a great place to find new music. As far as Deezer goes, it isn’t set up too well and the selection is lacking.


If you have Sonos at home, then Deezer was the first to offer non-lossy streaming. As long as you consider 16 bit 44.1khz Redbook CD non-lossy. I used it for a year. It’s $5 a month cheaper than Tidal’s Non-lossy service.

Interface was improved on it over the year. I may still go back. There is no killer solution here.


I use Spotify because I can put together Playlists and their suggestions help me add things I like but can’t think of.


All music, some 2275 AIFF songs are on my HD and Foobar works just fine.


[quote=“pennstac, post:35, topic:1038”]
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[/quote]There’s one thing about Tidal I do not like. its how they do th their playlists in some ways. I think other services such as google play do a better job at this. Tidal deff. seems to lean tward the obscure.