What service do you use for music playback?


I use the French version of Qobuz and I’ve had the occasional problem but generally, it’s worked quite well. Spotify has been rock solid, and Qobuz France has come in a respectable second place with everything else I’ve tried a very distant third (Deezer, Tidal etc … but in their early days, I’m sure they have gotten better).


Qobuz US beta just got an update, and the UI/UX is much better, and man does it sound better than the other services…I need to figure out if I want to go with Tidal or Qobuz… it is forestalling my purchase of Roon, at the moment. Too many big purchases recently and in the future…so I need to be practical (even though my impulse is to just say f’it and grab all of them lol).

I will say in my experience, Spotify best UI/UX and curation of playlists to my preference (they just get me :wink: ).

Qobuz has the best quality of lossless, and with the UI/UX update slightly better usability, but curation is no bueno.

Tidal is the split the difference between Spotify and Qobuz, better audio quality than Spotify, but not as good as Qobuz. Better UI/UX and curation than Qobuz, but not as good as Spotify.

Qobuz if it continues to update and improve its UI/UX and curation capabilities seems to be the best option at this point…plus that discount on lossless media is rather nice…


I discovered the Swiss Jazz internet radio when I was looking for Radio Paradise. For you jazz-heads out there, it’s definitely worth a listen.

On my cheaper than cheap set up (a used Moto 3 in wi-fi mode with my pair of VE Monk earbuds) it sounds wonderful. It’s even better through the DFB and my 58X headphones out of my MBP.

It streams at “HQ” (whatever that means) but the sound quality is great and the playlist is eclectically interesting.



Thanks. Seems anything streaming some type of HQ over web has got to be pretty good. I’ll give it a try later. I “Love” Radio Paradise". It is my go too for new or unknown genres to me for music. They throw everything into the mix, including the kitchen sink. Thanks for the heads-up. Tom


I never heard of Radio Paradise before you guys mentioned it. I haven’t tried it yet but I will. It sounds like a good way to discover some new music.


I’d like to hear impressions of sound quality on Radio Paradise and Swiss Jazz.


You will not regret it, except for buying new music from artists and geners you never knew existed.


I’ve always thought quality was great. Online web player will play with flac. No commercials. Occasionally a very small comment, and loads of apps for most platform. For me it is great. If I don’t donate, which is not required, I will feel guilty about it.



Do you mean Radio Paradise or Swiss Jazz?



Hi J I was talking Radio Paradise. I love jazz and will be making my way to “Swiss Jazz” soon.


Well I cancelled Tidal, and I’m going to stick with Spotify premium for on the go and music discovery, and Qobuz Studio for now, once I get to the point where I start purchasing more music I’ll go with Sublime+ I am also deciding between Audirvana + and Roon… I don’t currently have enough personal music to justify either (personal being FLAC files, I have 100s of gb worth of MP3 from my young, dumb, and broke days :wink: )


I too shall be cancelling my Tidal subscription once the free try out period is over. I can’t justify the price for what little use I would make of it. I guess I too am at present a Spotify man. Just grown used to it I guess. I certainly get my money’s worth out of Spotify. If I want to hear lossless I think I will stick to Flac.


Went to sign up for this tonight (Good enough for Torq = Good enough for me) and got a screen that told me they don’t like Canadians.

Any un-Americans signed up through a VPN? Were you able to access the service without one afterwards?


I totally agree with you. I can’t justify the price of Tidal and Spotify is just so easy for the use I give it. I have the family plan which gives me an account for each of us plus one that we use as a general BGM for the house.

When I am actually focused on listening to music I use FLAC but for the rest of the time, when listening is a secondary activity, Spotify just works great and is so easy to move from work PC to my phone to my car to my home without breaking stride.