What’s your EDC?


Yep. We have the option to just use our work phone for personal use, but yea. No thank you.


Are you guys kidding or do you really have guns?



I have my conceal carry permit and use it. It has numerous similarities to this hobby - there are many models available, user preferences vary, it can be quite expensive, and there are many different ideas regarding the science and philosophy of what thing is better than another thing (like our objectivists vs subjectivists sides) regarding firearms. It diverges in obvious ways, in that there is an extremely great responsibility to be experienced, practiced, and to make the right decisions in it’s application. Besides all of that, practicing at the range is fun and a challenge.

This is really off topic though. I’d be happy to discuss it in PMs.


Yeah, but I keep mine locked away right now (2year old in the house) and ever since leaving the LE space haven’t really kept up with the hobby, I just have my Glock now but eventually would like to get some “fun” guns. I would like to get a Vector .45, FN Herstel 5.7, maybe a P90…but those are just things I would want for collection purposes, not necessarily any other reason.


Yes sorry about being off topic. I am not used to guns though living in the UK. It’s just a bit of an alien concept to chat openly about guns. Not criticising at all. And I do suppose it brings a whole new meaning to EDC. :grin:.



I had no doubt they were serious about their firearms (and I’m Canadian).

Responsible gun ownership doesn’t seem much different than responsible car ownership to me, but I realize many disagree (as does the Gov’t up here).

I think the access to firearms by inappropriate people that arises from irresponsible gun ownership/sales is a far bigger problem than responsible, law abiding and sane people owning guns.

But then sanity these days seems a moving target (no pun intended) so it’s obviously a tough and divisive topic/issue.


Yes, I do understand that it’s the few who spoil it for the majority. It just that being from the UK it’s not something I am used to. I am not saying I am for or against guns as US is culturally different from UK in regards to firearms.



I think more checks/screening should be done for guns. Also specialty guns should go through even more strict screening. But at the end of the day, people are crazy so who knows what the right answer is. Mental health screening should be one also. Well enough from me on the subject…back to the music :smile:


My EDC is my Periodic Audio BE and iphone 6s. I use my andromedas on long days with no meetings, but the BE is easy to throw around and not all that expensive.

I recently applied a very simple mod to tame the bass as it can get a bit muddy as well as bring the treble to a more linear response. It sounds amazing! Enough so that I may need to sell my andros


Fine praise indeed if they’re going to replace your Andromeda’s. Are you after more bass?What with you nodding them for extra bass. I can understand people selling gear on though if they don’t get enough ear time. I can be hard to justify having expensive gear laying around if your not using them.



Definitely. Now of course the Andromeda is still the technically ‘better’ iem. Better sound stage, imaging, micros/macros, and detail but the BE just sounds right for an iem.

It’s got a slight warmth to it with great dynamics. The quality and quanitiy of bass is perfect for me. It hits hard but is very controlled - never bleeding into the mids (with mod) and the treble is well extended but never sibilant. There is a peak somewhere in the treble im experiencing but it’s rather rare I encounter a song where I am bothered by it. Mids are beautifully balanced too. They are not forward, nor recessed but they sit perfectly with the rest of the FR.

It doesn’t sound as clean, precise, or clear as my Andromeda but they are just easier for me to use on the daily. I still love my Andromeda but they just haven’t gotten the use they deserve.

I love the BE. For the price I got them at, the only thing I would ask is a better cable! Out of my iphone 6s it is really the perfect daily driver for me. Previously it was the LZ A4 which is another outstanding iem for the value. However, I could never get them to sit properly with me.

Here is the mod I mentioned I did. I only did the first part sealing up the rear bass port and using a filter. None of the permanent mods were done.


I love my iem’s, perhaps more so than big cans. Even though it’s a different experience with a proper desktop setup. I find it more convenient at times in my situation.

I love my Andromeda’s and could never part with them same with my Se846’s. I have other iem’s inc Massdrop + and Se425’s as well as other bits and bats. Guess I am just a hoarder.:grin:. I probably split iem and desktop listening 60/40 respectively at the moment. Depends how I feel. I haven’t heard your particular set of iem’s but having looked them up they seem like a good set. And to be honest even if you have multiple pairs be it over ear or iem most will have a favourite set which just gels. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive either.



when I’m at work use Opus#1 with 64Audio U4SEs connected by custom double helix cable (DIY).
If I’m doing my nightly walking it’s an iPod Nano with Westone UM1s, not looking for great sound just something listenable.


Currently my office, and travel…minus the Element for travel. Also CA Comets on Mee btx neck Bluetooth adapter, CA Andromeda with Razer dongle DAC and iFi iEmatch.


My Massdrop Porta Pro lives under my Drivers Seat I often use just it and my LG V20, and my Behringer UCA 202 is my car’s “aux” I feed my Cell into it and it’s line out into my Car Stereo. Both are sufficiently enjoyable and super convenient

If I know I’m traveling, I use my HD 25-1ii with a Rock Boxed HM601


@mshenay, have you modded your HD25’s? I’m thinking about replacement pads to increase the comfort. I find them a little tight, even after stretching them gently.



Nope, I use the softer Velour pads now though. Never opened them up but I do use a parametric EQ with them to get rid of that nasty 8k peak


My new EDC - a Moto 3 Android phone I paid $10 for and a pair of VE Monks that I paid $9 (including shipping). Just perfect for my cubicle.


I added YAXI Comfort pads to my HD25’s. Heaven!