What’s your EDC?


IPhone SE running Equalizer app driving RevoNext RN-QT2. As long as the headphones don’t need a lot of power, the iPhone has a clean output. The QT2 sound great equalized, which Equalizer app allows me to do.


Currently Pixel2 XL with ifi imatch to Andromeda. At the gym Pixel2 XL to Mee BTX1 with Comets.


I carry my Essential PH-1 phone but my main player is the Onkyo DP-S1 with Unique Melody ME.1 IEMs and Tin Audio T2 IEMs to work with me. I also have the Yincrow X6 stowed away in my messenger bag.


I have quite a collection of portable gear for some reason. It was my gateway into audiophile gear really.

My EDC: Pioneer XDP-300r Dap with CA Andromeda’s with a Forza Hybrid custom balanced cable.

Though for faffing about I often use my IPod Touch 6 with Shure Se846. I can be a bit OCD with looking after my gear so I baby it and it’s never just thrown in a bag or anything. Some may laugh at this but it’s just a thing I have.:smiley:.

Obviously the Pioneer and Andromeda setup is much better for critical listening and yes I do use my portable setup in house a lot too. I find it more convenient than lugging my home setup room to room.

The Se846’s have a more fun musical way with them and I often pop them on when I’m in bed.



Plus my Pixel2 XL (taking the photo hence not being in the picture). My overall EDC I s actually pretty ridiculous. Semper Paratus…:wink:


Essential Phone, ES100 Bluetooth amp, Onkyo DP-S1, Tin Audio T2 Pro, Unique Melody ME1 (though its at UM for reshelling right now), Audeze Sine. I also carry a set of random tips with me, a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter, and one or two ear buds I leave in my bag.


How do you like the essential phone? I hear they have a DAC plugin in the works, but that could just be rumor.


I’ve had the phone for a year now. I really like it. It was the first bezeless phone and probably, in my opinion, the best implemented style of them all still. I love that it runs stock Android, and you get Google updates the same day as Pixel does. I guess it helps that the founder is the guy who invented Android.

The flaws of the phone are camera is average. I don’t take many photos with my camera phone anyway, so it’s not a huge deal to me. With every software update, they’ve continued to improve the camera though. As a pure black and white camera (it has a separate lens for b/w), it is fantastic. It’s just the color camera being mediocre compared to other flagships.

I also think the size is perfect. Great screen real estate and easily pocketable. The iPhone X is the exact same size as this one. (Can’t speak about the new X-R/XS though).

As far as the DAC, yea its a real thing. They showed some photos on reddit. They do monthly AMAs on reddit and are on there pretty often. They said that they are just waiting for the certifications/licensing to complete before releasing it.

I may pick it up if it’s not overly expensive and see how it compares to my EarStudio ES100 and my Fiio Q1 Mk2 if Amir from AudioScienceReview ever sends it back to me. :slight_smile:


There’s the photo of the Essential engineer and the Dac/Amp addon.


I almost picked up the essential phone, as a secondary, I like the modular idea, reason I didn’t was, water resistant rating, and the camera. Maybe if it has another sale, and the DAC is good I’ll pick it up.


Never even heard of Essential but do need a new phone/phablet/device of some kind and Apple doesn’t need more :dollar:. I’m a PC DIY guy but didn’t mind an Android tablet I tried. Any recommendations/links on a specific, great sounding model with a good sized (i.e. bigger) screen handy?

The least amount of bloat ware is always a great bonus, as even if you can get rid of it sometimes it can be/create a hassle.


Essential is a solid device. Created by Andy Rubin, the father of Android. That said, the latest OnePlus is probably a better phone at a budget price. I am actually switching to iOS next week for my work phone-- getting an iPhone 8. But I am still an Android guy (as my name sort of implies). I also really am interested in the stuff from the other chinese brands like Xiaomi and Huawei.

The Samsungs never appeal to me. I hate touchwiz, which is what I use now for work and I’ve never liked it and I still don’t like it. As it’s a work phone, I can’t unlock the bootloader and customize it. LG is the device you want if you want a music device built-in but LG has a bad history of hardware failure – they recently settled on a major class action lawsuit that paid out free phones/cash back to 3 years of LG G and V-series devices – so I’m a little leery of using them. They also are usually slow on updates.

HTC is one of my fav companies but its a sinking ship there nowadays. They still make great hardware and do most everything right. It’s unfortunate that they are going downhill so fast because they really were the ones that got this smartphone revolution going back in the XDA days.


Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. I’ve looked into One Plus.a bit but will have to do mor research .
The iPhone is the logical choice but it just pains me to give Apple even a dime (and I absolutely detest iTunes)! Probably misplaced rage but it’s better than aiming it at actual human beings!
I’ve been using a gifted hand me down iPhone 5 for two years and really need something bigger that’s not going to strain my eyes so much and can handle 64 bit processing.
It’s not an easy choice and difficult to find a clear winner. Camera is not a big deal for me.


Do not panic about your dislike for Apple. Your rage indicates you are sane and not a brainwashed walletpuppet.


I have never come across this model either. Is it an American market phone?


Done it again. Disregard my post please I will have to read the whole thread before answering.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I too need a bigger screen my eyes are getting worse as I age.:slightly_smiling_face:



Heckler and Koch USP .40 Compact.

OH! You mean headphones. Right… Sony XBA-H3 driven through my Pixel 2XL. It’s not ideal, but it is a fun sound. I have found mobile use to be limited of late.


Glock man myself…but do like the H&K…also Pixel2 XL is my current daily phone…big fan, but I’m getting a Galaxy S9 work phone soon… yeah two phones to Carry around :confounded:


2 phones can be a PITA, but it’s better to keep a separation of church and state, if you know what I mean.


Exactly why I’m getting the work phone lol