What music have you been listening to this past week?


man, this plus this have been eating a lot of my time these days:


It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea-- but this Billy Eilish track is a CrossFit workout for headphones.


Try her other stuff… pretty good…“you should see me in a crown” the metal sliding sound is crazy.


I like to use that track to test bass.


Cute catchy little tune. My Loki tone control came today. Just had fun listening with the cheap KZ IEMs and twiddling the knobs.


Billie is one of the few modern artists I actually respect, let alone like. She’s got some original stuff that’s not like the JayZ/Beyonce cookie cutter crap everyone in the last 15 years has put out, which I despise. She also has a great set of pipes.


Not my usual cup of tea but still a really nice track. And your correct in saying it a workout for your headphones. :blush:


Agree. Apparently, her older brother Finneas O’Connell is the co-writer and producer for most of her songs, he has a solo album out this year as well.


New Vampire Weekend track is killing me. Great song, stellar production.


Big fan of Vampire Weekend. They are one of the few bands that carried over from my hipster music phase in thee 2010s.


Funny this is on my Spotify release radar


Love Vampire Weekend.



Dodie - Monster and the rest of the “Human” EP.

I’m trying to decide whether she’s naive and derivative or a new talent. Perhaps it’s too early to know. This video goes straight back to 1980s-1990s dress-up without CGI.


It has the advantage of being short.


The new tracks I liked listening to this week:


I have never really been a fan of Rodrigo y Gabriela but the “Mettavolution” track (which I quite like BTW) for some reason sent me on a listening binge of Paco De Lucia, who I hadn’t really listened to for a while. Paco de Lucia’s songs are obviously not for everyone but there is no doubt he was one of the best flamenco/spanish guitarists that has ever lived.

Just in case anyone hasn’t hard this track, this is one of Paco’s masterpieces:


I love old-school New Orleans music, and this guy (who shockingly comes from the UK, not N.O.) really serves it up right. It’s a long cut but there are a several different rhythm & instrumental pairings/sections. Listening to it (again!) right now…