What music have you been listening to this past week?


@pwjazz in another area finished a nice review, and then said how he was glad to stop listening critically and just go back to listening for enjoyment. After reading some here, I also felt like going through some stuff for enjoyment. I fired up the Mac/TIDAL/Roon/Dragonfly/Mjolnir-SRM-T1S/Stax chain that is my go-to sound now. I remembered seeing the Preservation Hall Jazz Band live a couple of times, so I went to that, which led me to Hot Tuna, and then to the B-52s.

Maybe there’s something disturbed about that selection, but there it is. I own it.

Edit: and there was Sly in there, Sly and the Family Stone


“Disturbed” you say:

You may have a sickness:


I’ve seen the B-52s live in Seattle a decade ago now…in boot camp we would sing knock a lil harder baby lol


I can’t comment on Hot Tuna but the rest are all respectable choices.


Very nice, @generic. I like the treatment of Sounds of Silence very much.

And @pwjazz,


Very nice.


I’m sorry but this was shared with me and for whatever reason…it works and is good for a laugh:


there are soo many good Vs. youtube videos in this vein…the world is a brighter place all of a sudden lol (listening to Adel vs. Survivor: Rolling with the Tiger).

EDIT: I went down the rabbit hole…please send help…


These are such fun. :grin: