What music have you been listening to this past week?


Brother sent this to me…man early Red Hot Chili Peppers was good.

Another one we listened to a lot while Snowboarding/prepping to go surfing…

this was also a favorite while hitting the slopes snowboarding/hills downhilll skateboarding/or the surf

mind you not just these tracks but the bands and all their albums


This week… well last week… I confess. My excuse is I have grand-nieces.


My 2 year old asks Alexa to play this all the time! Lol


Music is really great for remembering times past good or bad happy or sad. I’m sure there’s a song in that somewhere.:grin:


EARLY Chili Peppers includes the infamous album with naked band members wearing socks over their junk.

Mother’s Milk was their first sort of mainstream album.

I recall a music executive interviewed in the 1980s saying they were a niche band with limited commercial appeal…


Hey everyone, hope you’re having a nice day. These last few days I have gone back to to an album I bought over 30 years ago. I have since lost it or rather misplaced it. I downloaded it from Spotify and it’s talen me right back to the 80’s.


really digging on this as of late…randomly came across it wanting to listen to “Everyday”


He’s always a great listen is Buddy. Very catchy tunes and lyrics. This is a great album.


I said, “Hello Eugene, Eugene, Eugene”
I said, “Hello Eugene, are you there, Eugene?”
I said, "Hello Eugene, Eugene, Eugene
I said, “Hello Eugene, does any of this ring a bell, Eugene?”

Brilliant. Pink Martini. I always come back and listen to them. I don’t know, maybe a dozen or so years ago, I was listening to NPR, and heard a bit of their minor key rendition of “Qué Sera Sera”, and I was hooked. I love world music, and they give you their own brand of world music. Always cleanly recorded, they sometimes have fun with the production. A dog barking, almost, but not quite in time to a Mexican rhythm. Mixing what I think is an electrified Koto with a balalaika riff. And the accents. Iberian Spanish in one song, Chicano in another.

If you haven’t discovered Pink Martini, you’re in for a treat. Hang On, Little Tomato.


The intro and up to the 2minute mark (not the biggest fan of the rap on this track) is awesome.

Check out her other tracks also…pretty unique!


My inappropriate 90 year old Father (91 in April) forced me to play this non #metoo compliant song that he claimed filled the jukebox with nickels back when he was a young lad whose family worked in resort hotels.

I apologize in advance for sharing this. *

So we were sitting around the table after dinner, and Dad still knew all the words.

*Sincerely. No I mean it.


I look forward to being a 91 year old inappropriate father!


If you guys want to test vocals, check out the album “Songs of Freedom” by Ulysses Owens Jr.

The genre might not be for everyone - this is essentially a jazz/blues and almost gospel style music, with a bit of political emphasis. But disregarding all of that, there’s some good vocals and dynamic range for the backdrop instruments. Owens Jr. is actually the drummer who is very well known in the Jazz scene, having worked with many famous musicians and artists.


This was a fun listen with my HD800 and Cayin HA-1A MKII, and BHC! THX 789 was good too…but the BHC was the best of the bunch…I’m still burning in the tubes on the Cayin so they are a lil noisy, where the BHC is almost THX 789 inky background


You should email that to yourself with a future delivery date.


Ha! I’m sure my daughter is going to be embarrassed by her “papa” through out her life lol… hopefully I can give her some fond/fun memories :wink:


Just checked out her curated list on TIDAL. (I don’t Spotify anymore, gave it up). She sounds like she will mature well. Certainly someone has been pointing her at some top-notch vocalists to grok in fullness.


Right! I am pretty impressed by her, I think she is still under 20 too, so a long career ahead if she doesn’t go hollywood crazy lol

I can grok it! great book!


We’re in a similar boat. I’m still waiting for when Alexa misinterprets “pinkfong” as something else but similar sounding. On that note, my son loves the song “Sleighride” but sometimes Alexa hears “Slayer”, to great comic effect.


I’ll just leave this here… my wife and I crack up every-time!