What music have you been listening to this past week?


Led Zeppelin is indeed iconic and pretty much defined the hard rock & heavy metal genre for a generation. Albums II, III, and IV are the most iconic IMO. You’ve heard a dozen of their songs, even if you don’t know the names. There are now several types of heavy music with little connection to their blues orientation.


This is how iconic Zeppelin are. Greta Van Fleet have been nominated for a Grammy: Tribute, Parody or Theft?


No surprise from the Granny Awards that had Jethro Tull win best hard rock or heavy metal album…

GVF is a later day continuation band, as we are in an interpretive era rather than creative era. I don’t begrudge them their passion or copying, as there’s a market for the sound, the originals are not touring, and Zeppelin ripped off a thousand blues songs themselves.


Again thank you for the information. This happens a lot in music where I don’t think I’ve heard a band before but if I delve a little deeper it turns out that I have heard quite a few of their tracks. This happened most recently when I downloaded most of Mike Oldfield’s collection of various albums. It was really surprising the amount of music he has out in the ether of everyday life so to speak. His catchy tunes are to be found everywhere it seems.


Sure, the history of Rock’n Roll is a history of, as Rolling Stone Magazine says, “obvious musical borrowing”. Heart were one of the first bands to mimic Zeppelin but they did not go as far as using a 28 inch Ludwig kick drum, which was the hallmark of one John Bonham.


My expectation is that we’ll see a lot more GVF-like bands as the original generation dies off. Seen today in Beatles tribute shows in Vegas, Queen + Adam Lambert, etc. The estates will welcome the income, a la Graceland charging for everything. Nothing on Earth is more capitalistic than pop music.


Interesting, because the only Mike Oldfield I know is his Tubular Bells album, a portion of which was used in the movie, The Exorcist.


Yes and I think the music industry was always an example of rentier capitalism that we now associate with Uber and Air B&B. It is no surprise that Spotify preceded Uber.


Mike Oldfield has been quite prolific over the years and according to Wikipedia he has made over 30 charting albums.


I have been grooving to:

New Year’s Concert 2019 - Vienna Philharmonic, Thielemann.
Mozart Estate Present Go-Kart Mozart in Mozart’s Mini-Mart (ex Felt)
Rude Rebels – Neville & Sugary Staples (ex-Specials)
Signals into Space – Ultramarine
Jazz, Jazz, Jazz – The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr
Daydream Nation – Sonic Youth
The Trinity Sessions – Cowboy Junkies
Poptone – Poptone (ex Bauhaus/Tones on Tail)
Back in the DHSS – Half Man Half Biscuit


I like Iron & Wine a lot too. If you have not already, check out his collaboration with Calexico – In the Reins. It’s one of my favorite EPs of the decade.


Some other random bands I’ve been listening to again this week:

Cigarettes after Sex
London Grammar
Sigur Ros
Tracy Chattaway
and I feel like I always tune into Vince Guaraldi, all the time. I just love his music. This week’s favorite was “Live on the Air” which is a wonderful radio recording. Can’t find the CD anywhere for a reasonable price.


Happy to see another GoGo Penguin and Dream Theater fan! I think Metropolis PT. 1 from Images and Words makes a good test track as well.


Vince Guaraldi is great-he’s one of those musicians that makes me wish I had lived in a different era.


Anybody interested in exploratory banjo? I recently discovered the album Plainly Mistaken by Nathan Bowles. It’s actually a blend of traditional folk and avante garde. The tune, The “Road Reversed” kind of goes right down middle:


I like a bit of banjo. I am by no means a connoisseur but I do like the skill and the music. I had downloaded quite a bit of old stuff featuring Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatts. Quite like that style ‘Scruggs Style’. I shall give your recommendation a listen.


Nathan Bowles is more Béla Fleck, I think, than Earl Scruggs and not as technically gifted as either but interesting.


After watching the new series of True Detective over her I love the theme tune. It’s by Cassandra Wilson and is called Death Letter. I now love this artist.


It’s 90s revival week over here:


I listen to Cocteau Twins too much. :slight_smile:

There’s just something about Fraser’s voice and the guitars in their songs. That album is like the angelic version of Disintegration, full of non-nonsensical vocabulary.