Travel with full size headphones


Very nice. Great pictures. I like a nice case.:grinning:.



I always tend to baby technology gear as a whole. Being a teenager in the early 80’s much of today’s mainstream tech such as PC’s were in their infancy and it just always feels special to me. Hence I always go overboard on looking after it. Unless I’m just weird.:crazy_face:.



I travel with IEMs and sometimes I’ll take my Audeze Sine with me. It’s small enough and fits nicely in the Audeze case for it. I have ANC headphones, but I never take them with me when I travel on airplanes. They never sound as good as my IEMs for flying, so… yea. Still waiting for an ANC that has a sound signature I like. Don’t think it’ll ever exist unfortunately.


I couldn’t imagine taking any gear with me on flight. I’m to afraid it might get damaged or lost. Can you imagine telling some airline that " My headphones are lost and they cost thousands of dollars. " I would bet they would look at me and say What did you just say.

I only take portable gear with me. That why I own it.


I get this everytime I explain to people my CA Andromeda IEMs lol, then when I tell them I have almost a dozen other headphones at home…well they usually just shake their heads and ask “but Why!!!” lol insert Ryan Reynolds Gif here


I’ve never travelled with them though - I use P7Ws for travel and am looking into some Atlas IEMs with ANC over my ears - not sure if that works though.


I travel a lot for work so am in the air quite often. ANC headphones over IEMs work great. You just have to make sure that the IEMs fit relatively flat inside your ears because otherwise the IEM will get smashed against the inside of the headphone cups. The SE846 works great. The Kaiser 10ua not so much. However, after getting the 1000XM3, I don’t even bother. The ANC is the best that I’ve been able to find and it sounds good enough on its own for music and movies.


Huh, good info …

My historic problem with ANC (Bose QC35s & Sony 1000xM1s) was that it blocks out the white noise, which I kind of like, and leaves voices, babies crying, clinking glasses, etc … and that has the effect of actually making those more annoying sounds relatively louder since previously they were diminished by the white noise. And then there was the whole sounds-bad thing.

I can’t see busting out the Eikons and, say, a Woo WA8 on a flight, and I don’t think I’d fully appreciate them on a non-extended vacation trip, and even so I’d be terrified of theft, so I probably won’t be traveling with full-sized anytime soon, plus IEMs are small enough that they can stay with you anywhere so that seems like the right move … although I wonder about the Cascades as a good passively isolating high-quality travel full-sized …

I’ll have to try the new Sonys as they probably would be great for movies and then I could switch to IEMs and, say, an xDSD if I wanted to listen to primo music. That’s kind of what i’m thinking, but still noodling it over …

Plus, an IEM / ifi xDSD / Sony Mk3 setup would be super flexible as the xDSD could be used by itself for all kinds of things like, say, better car bluetooth audio, and the others would have similar multi-use cases.


My current travel setup is the 1000XM3 for flights and the LCDi4 for listening at my destination. Traveling with the i4 is like packing a full-sized open-back but with the portability of an IEM. Being an open-back, the i4 does not work well in a plane.

Closed back headphones are only slightly better than open back headphones while on a flight. I’ve busted out an LCD-XC on a flight to test it out. It was really bad.

The IEM+XM3 route probably gets you more noise reduction than anything else right now and will sound the best. Luckily, the XM3 will stay powered on, with ANC active, as long as you have a BT connection to your device. Otherwise, it’ll shut off after 5 minutes. I’m on another flight in 2 days, so will test out the best way to keep ANC active while playing music through an IEM.


Closed back headphones are only slightly better than open back headphones while on a flight. I’ve busted out an LCD-XC on a flight to test it out. It was really bad.

Not the B&W P7Ws! They isolate pretty great passively, and with any type of sound on I can only hear outside noise on take-off and landing.

The closed-back passive P7Ws beat the 1000xM1 and the QC35s for noise isolation for flights for me. The ANC cans block out the white noise, but they let in babies and voices whereas the P7Ws don’t have that problem.

The best noise isolating set-up I’ve tried is the P7Ws over my MEE in-ears - super silent!


I like to wear headphones when traveling.


You know, just putting the XM3 over the SE846 while in flight did more to block out additional noise than subsequently turning on the ANC did. I wonder if just getting some 3M hearing protection would do an even better job when paired with an IEM. It would look stupid, but probably not as stupid as my “digging the music” face. You know which one I’m talking about. Your eyes closed, head bobbing, lips pursed, and your nose slightly wrinkled like when you’re not quite sure if you smell something funky.


Totally. Ok, I hate to admit this but years ago before my PSB M4U2s, I used to wear the same over-ear hearing protection muffs that the aircraft ramp workers wear modded, so they were like -40dB+. With some ear buds underneath that was about as silent as it gets! But … not too portable and even blacked out, they looked giant and ridiculous.

Until the babies started crying. Then they looked like genius.