Tin Audio T2




I have had these for a while now. I really like the sound even if they are a little bass light in stock form. I haven’t tried the port mod yet but I’m excited to try it. The pair I have started cutting out after an hour of use and I assume it was the cheap cable. I just got a really nice replacement cable from amazon and so far so good. I’m super excited to hear people comparing these to the andromeda.


Does anyone know where to buy the Pro version?


I think it was a Massdrop exclusive initially. But I think it would be available elsewhere soon enough. Alibaba, Amazon etc


T2 Pro on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HQQ9T6D


Hey Guys. Does anyone know the best/quickest way to get a pair of these in Canada? Aliexpress? Amazon? I’m not too sure? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Probably Amazon…but can’t confirm.


Amazon has it for Prime shipping in the USA for both T2 and T2 Pro now. Not sure about Canada.


Got my T2 Pros in…I think the originals are a more natural sound. I can’t really tolerate them much. The midrange sounds distant and nasal and the treble is too far forward.

This is how the original measured on my rig:

This is the T2 Pro:


I finally got a chance to stick the T2 Pro’s in my ears.

With a similar amount of “burn-in” (for whatever that is worth), and listening time, right now I prefer the RevoNext QT3. Both have more treble energy, especially right above the presence region, than I want. But even fresh out of the box, the QT3 are more convincing and enjoyable. And a simple EQ adjustment yields a better result with the QT3, even if it isn’t strictly necessary.

It’s possible some of this is down to fit/seal. The stock medium-sized tips on the QT3 do as good a job in my ears as any of my other options. No amount of tip-rolling, with what I have on hand, has brought the T2 Pro to the same level.

Cable for the Tin Audio unit is much nicer (and far prettier … if you care about such things). As is the selection of included tips. And the MCX connections are definitely preferable (I am not a 2-pin fan).

But on sound/signature … QT3 is where I lean.


Looking at @Ishcabible’s measurements - and knowing that the advance unit I received from Linsoul/Tin Audio, I wonder if the minor defects mine had versus the final version made it sound different. It’s definitely a brighter IEM, brighter than the T2 in some ways. I gave my T2 Pro to my buddy over the weekend, so I dont have one to play with right now. But my measurements looked a bit different than what Ischa’s measured to when comparing from T2 to T2 Pro in both cases.

Seal is pretty important on the T2/Pro and its not the easiest IEM to get a good seal on. Only had luck on certain types of foams (rebound ones in my case).


I can find out. Hilariously, I’m getting another one from Linsoul even though I just asked for a DMG.

Oh, I don’t use the EARS for measuring IEMs because the compensation is really weird and inaccurate and the canal is kind of weird too. I use a tube that I measured to be within IEC ratings, kind of like Crinacle’s old measurements.


I was just looking at how your measurements differed between t2 and t2 pro vs how mine differed between the two. I may consider getting something like crinacle someday but I find iem measurements mostly good on EARS, but it is finicky to placement and tips. Over ear headphones seem more flaky with MiniDSP.


I should finally be able to listen to the T2 pro’s this week. I picked up some from Massdrop’s last drop. Let’s hope these are half decent. Though for what they’ve cost it isn’t an issue. I shall keep you posted. I know you’ll all be on tenterhooks knowing this.:grin:.

But I trying, yes I know very trying…hehehehehe


I believe I have a set of these on their way. Buying from Aliexpress is like receiving suprise gifts as it takes so long that I forget what I orderd :smiley:


That happens with half of my Aliexpress and GearBest orders. It takes double the regular time if you order a $15 pocket knife…sigh…