Tin Audio T2


Oh good to hear, man I took that wrong, sorry about that. It is amazing how the written word can be interpreted so differently then what is trying to be conveyed by the author. I’m enjoying the dialogue this is creating though, I have a NFB 11.28 arriving next week (Chinese made and I’m really looking forward to playing with it). I also because I’m ridiculous sometimes have a RME ADI-2 DAC being shipped soon, I’m trying to figure out this whole DAC/amp differences thing =) @Torq has given me some really good pointers and direction to pursue in that regard (thanks for the tip on the RME).


I agree with what all you guys have said regarding low cost Chinese products. They are very often great value and some great products come from China. It wasn’t my intention to upset anyone but to merely say that I thought that the term Chi-Fi I thought was a rather derogatory term that the Audio Community use to describe Chinese Hi-Fi. Although, I am certain that nobody uses the term to in a derogatory meaning. Of course these are just my own opinions and I can’t speak for the community as a whole. It’s just that I haven’t come across many really bigoted people at all if any.

Just a few thoughts. Thanks.



Ignorance is bliss for sure, I can’t believe I didn’t know that chi-fi meant what it did. Yeah, I like this community more so then others, Reddit can quickly get ugly, and others can be pretty elitist. One of my favorite qoutes from a underground rapper I like “people are people, and I still love them, especially the women” lol


I’m enjoying it here quite a bit too! Just to be clear, I haven’t heard anyone on this forum use “Chi-Fi” in a derogatory sense and feel like people here are generally quite open minded. It’s a term that’s come into common usage and I think most people use it without specific intentions to put anyone down, I just find it interesting that Chinese-designed headphones have come to be labelled that way when we don’t feel a similar need to label Sennheiser “Kraut-Fi” or Audeze “Yankee-Fi”.


Unfortunately I have only heard the term Chi-Fi in a derogatory sense until recently. I don’t think it is fair nowadays that we have so many quality parts coming from China that stack up against other countries products. I think this term started many decades ago when quality wasn’t something you would expect from a lot of Chinese manufacturers. I remember my father walking into a shop and there were endless rows of Chinese equipment, but everyone would fly right past because the quality wasn’t good and often times there were a lot of knockoffs. Times sure have changed.


It’s back on massdrop $40. I can send my " give $10 get $10 " code if someone wants it, but because I get a benefit I don’t feel comfortable posting it open forum. Also that code only works for new accounts. Either way great IEMs for a good price.


Oh I always talk about this in reddit but I forgot that this hasn’t been mentioned here. In case anyone reading this is considering buying T2s, you can get them for $36 new on Aliexpress anytime you want via Audiobudget.com’s facebook page instructions:

“Click “BUY NOW”, write “AudioBudget” in the order’s message field, switch to “Other Payments” and then “PLACE ORDER” button (don’t pay yet, just cancel the payment when asked to pay). The seller will adjust the price for you (it is done manually, not during weekends), then you’ll need to pay the discounted price. Be patient, the price adjustment might take some time, you will be informed via e-mail when it’s done.”

That is how I got mine and everyone else I know that got them. It is always $36 and shipping time for me was exactly 3 weeks which is faster than Massdrop’s time to delivery.


And… here is the Tin Audio T2 Pro for all of you to get excited for.

I’ve been told that it comes out Monday on Massdrop.

PS. Take my measurements with a grain of salt. They’re from MiniDSP rig not fancy pants GRAS. :slight_smile:


How did it compare to the standard? Curious, depending on price I might jump on these on Monday.


I’ve only been listening for about an hour, but I’m pretty satisfied with these. The measurements are pretty accurate with my listening. The Pro version makes the standard version sound slightly veiled. The extra treble boost gives it more air and micro-details that I have more trouble hearing on some tracks with the normal version. I can see some people may not liking the tuning because it gives even more treble to the upper end but I am really liking it. No sibilance so far.


Posted a full review + measurements + mods + etcs


Nice work!


I picked up a set…I’ll probably give my other ones to a friend or family member


Add them to the community preview :stuck_out_tongue:


ha not sure how that would work but I would be up for it.


Just ordered a set of these. My first set of CHI-FI iem’s.:slightly_smiling_face:



I backed it as soon as I saw the drop. If I end up not wanting to keep them I’ll throw them up for loan for a bit.


Core Team Member - “Hmmm Focal Clear or Tin T2 Pro…?”


Not such a crazy question. I remember when I got the RN QT2 and compared it to my DT 1990 Pro, both out of my Ember II tube amp, they weren’t worlds apart. I’m totally spitballing here, but I wonder if by not having to deal with the outer ear, cup reflections and other nonsense that affects circumaural headphones, it’s just a lot easier to make a good sounding IEM.


I will just throw this out there but I will be willing to trade my T2 Pro for anyone’s focal clear.