The under $500 world


I guess not. They are like $63. Just buy them and tell us what you think. I’m still enjoying mine. :slight_smile:


I have the Revonext QT2 and I couldn’t recommend them more for the price. They outperform many competitors up to the $300 range with great bass and mids for all your electronica needs. I use them almost exclusively with the blutooth cable that you can also find on amazon.

If you would like a higher end IEM setup, I recomend the Campfire Orion (my review can be found here). These are a great set of IEM’s which would work very well for electronica and have an optional bluetooth cable which @darthpool had commented on as well. They use the same connectors as the Comets.


The Under $500 World. For me, I’ll go with the Sennheiser HD 700 headphones. The Sennheiser HD 700 over-the-ear headphones sound have no harshness or aggression in their sound. The soundstage these headphones deliver is more open and spacious than most audiophile headphones.


@jonno, are you looking for in ear, on ear, or over ear wearing formats? Open or closed backs are decisions for on or over ear. Also, are you driving them from a smart phone or a dedicated system? Finally, if a smart phone, will you be using a portable DAC/Amp?

Bose and Sony both make good over ear noise canceling headphones. The newest models are just over $300 but last years versions are right at $299 US. These ‘phones have all the electronics built in but some complain that is not true hi fi. I personally enjoy my Sony MDR-1000x’s for casual listening and when traveling for what that’s worth. YMMV

You might want to consider the whole package when setting your budget. I’ve been trying to get a “perfect” poor man rig together, but it’s a long journey.


There are a LOT of under $500 options, an sadly the HD 650 and Vali 2 aren’t at the top of my lists

Vali 2 is a good choice for your first tube amp but I think if your a common man maybe Tubes aren’t your first choice.

For headphones there are a few good options,

The Hifiman HE 4XX $149 but only available at a limited time
The HD 600 at around $199 [second hand not new apparently]
The DT 880 also at around $199
The AKG K702 at around $199 [You can get closer to $125 ish second hand]

An for an amplifier I think solid State is a good place to start and at $99 the JDS Labs ATOM is the most recent amp I’ve heard that has really left a lasting impression on me.

There are others of course, an finally for a DAC there are again many many options, but I can say that I quite enjoy my EL Dac/ATOM/ K702 combo. The JDS Lab team has some of the best customer service around and their build quality is top notch. Plus I’m more of a Black finish kinda guy my self.

Your price new for something like that is $550 plus shipping, but B Stock and sales else where can easily get your under $500 for what I think is a very solid starting system.

Still though there are DOZENS of options, another is a full on Silver Ensemble with the very well received Schiit Modi 3, the Vali 2 and a DT 880. Again the Vali 2 is an excellent tube amp to start with and I think the DT 880 would be an excellent partner for it if your wanting to start your Audio Journey with tubes!


I’m going to be a huge fanboy here with my suggestion…

ZMF Classics, Schiit Modi 3 & Magni 3. $500 on the dot (not including shipping).


Ooh I imagine that is a nice sounding combo, I’ve yet to hear the ZMF Classics yet >.>