The Ultra Cheap IEM Thread



You can’t post that here!! This will get you banned and all of us banned and the whole site will cease to exist!!

Just kidding.

Great review! I may pick one up to try out and measure. Have you tried the t2 pro?


Great write up. I enjoyed reading it too. Many people like the T2’s and this one looks like an interesting option. I have a few Yinyoo balanced iem cables and they are great cheap options to use.


Ha ha! Yes, it’s good that we can talk about anything we like here! I’m glad you like the review, it really is a superb IEM. I haven’t heard either the T2 or T2 Pro. I’m saving up for the Elecom EHP 3000 which has a 9.8mm DD and a unique dual magnet design. I already have their CB1000 (1DD+piezo tweeter) which is one of my favourite IEMs with a neutral signature.


Thanks. See above in reply to Antdroid!