The Ultra Cheap IEM Thread



My first impressions of the 6 BA NiceHCK DT600 are very favourable: I really like the linear low end. They do sound a bit treble forward and the only culprit could be that 5-7 kHz peak…but it does not look that bad.

These are potential winners.


And here the kicker: I really did not like the soft, overwhelming low end of the otherwise very good NiceHCK M6 (BGVP DMG). But these third-party filters removed the excess bass nicely.

Now compare this graph to the single DD Pioneer SE-CH3:

And here the Brainwavz B400:


Does that filter make the M6 too bright?


Not to me…the bass remains rather slow which makes the overall sound still meaty…much meatier than the B400 or the DT600.

Here the old nozzle trick: taping 80-90% of the nozzle over with micropore removes most nasty peaks between 5 and 15 kHz (this range may vary with earphone). Nevertheless, this single DD still sounds harsh after modding, probably because of a poor-quality driver.


Now that HawaiiBadBoy let the cat ouf the bag… the T3 is coming! :slight_smile:

It’ll be $59 on Massdrop and $69 regular price starting Feb 11th.

I’ll be getting a set to review soon. It’s stuck in customs right now! I’ll post some impressions as soon as I can.


Just ordered CCA C16s, should arrive Saturday. I love this hobby…!!


I’ll pick this up! I really like the Tin audios. Really enjoyed both the T2 and Pro.


I must say I really enjoy the extra flair you add to your graphs explaining the things you do not enjoy or why something is measuring some way. Makes the graphs more enjoyable!


Thanks. And what I find most important is superimposing graphs when comparing two earphones. It assists the reader in understanding the writer’s thoughts but also leaves them room for their own interpretations.


So, I’m going to put in another plug for the VE Monk’s. You can’t get more ultra cheap than $5 to $10. I’d like to see some pro level testing on them to see empirically how they compare (not just how I hear them).


I started an ear bud thread here, but in short, I don’t like the monk. There are several other ear buds that I feel are much better than it in the same price range. I recently got a couple others which I can post about too. Also under $10 and better than Monks in every way for my tastes.


The dynamic driver on the right earpiece of my Yersen FEN-2000s died recently, after about a year of use. They were my first hybrid IEMs, so I was rather attached to them. It’s still difficult to find anything quite as detailed at their price point, though QC apparently suffered after the initial batch.


Coming soon…but man is Wordpress a cumbersome affair…


Here’s a chart of the NiceHCK EP10

Blue is Diffuse Field Compensation
Dayton IMM-6 Mic


@antdroid round three…


I never got that one. :slight_smile:
I’m all on the Moondrop Kanas Pro bandwagon for ultra hype train right now.


they are remarkably close to the ZSN, in looks…you can tell they have different internals though.


The postal and courier services must love you, @antdroid and @Torq (along with others). You certainly give them plenty of business. :grin:. I’m only jealous. I’ve really got to get a few more of the Chinese iem’s to try.

Anyway having bought the T2 Pro’s I think I may try another set but maybe this time I shall go for earbuds.


What do you think of the Moondrop’s?They’ve got lots of praise by others.


I’ve shared some of my thoughts on this thread: Chinese Brands - IEMs Discussion

Right now, I am loving them. They are super smooth and the sound balance on them is nearly perfect.

I’m getting a care package as soon as the courier services get my package out of customs that’s got the DM6, Tin Audio T3, TenHZ T5, and PMV Crescent to play with.