The Ultra Cheap IEM Thread



purple is always the best.

I just saw that the purple one reduces -3dB to the treble region for the LZ A6 IEM


Considering my teutonic background, I threw in an order for the Beyerdynamic Byron…a model praised by WhatHifii – and overlooked by everybody else. Hope it won’t be a dud.

It will be joining my selection of cheap but good sounding single DDs such as Sony MH1C, Soundmagic E10C, Pioneer SE-CH3T, HifiWalker A1 (modded) and Blitzwolf ES1 (modded).

My filters for the NiceHCK M6 have been waiting in customs for three weeks.

@antdroid: how do you like your Focals? Mine are blue, too, because they came at a discount.


Nice I actually took a look at the Byron as the Xelento was one of the few Beyerdynamic IEMs I enjoyed and I wanted to see how their cheaper IEMs performed. Excited to see what you think of them!


It appears to be a discontinued model - that’s why it is cheap. In Germany, Beyerdynamic currently only offers Bluetooth versions. Their new wired models are the Beat Byrd and the Blue Byrd…which are not yet available in North America.

I really like my Beyerdynamic Custom Pro, still made in Heidelberg.


@antdroid round two of blame coming your way :wink: @Torq gets some too lol

Edit: sound is good especially for the price, but they aren’t comfortable for me…maybe try a tip roll…bit I think it may be the way the case fits in my ear…also the purple and silver is quite nice!

Edit2: BGVP wins for me here…more comfortable and sound is better. But cost for performance the ZSN is very good.


My feeling about almost all IEMs I’ve ever tried, regardless of price. When I need to use the phone at a conference and have to shut out the world, I will suffer. If there is something so loud that only a good seal will help, ditto.

I so much prefer distant neighbors and loudspeakers. As a second choice regular on or over ear headphones.


Yes, I am definitely in the over ears camp… I like the idea of IEMs (hence buying these) but my ears tend to disagree with them over long periods.


Yea. IEMs and my ears never worked well together until I just bought a couple dozen different cheap tips to play around with. Finding a good combo helps. Not as comfortable as my CIEM though. I wish CIEM wasn’t such a hassle, otherwise, I’d only go that route.


I let my co-worker listen to the KZ ZSN and AS06 today for the whole afternoon. He ended up liking the ZSN over the AS06. He felt it was more clean and clear. The AS06, he thought was not very clear in the vocals – I think he was referring to muddiness basically.


I just ordered two fabulous music players with a headphone jack for cheap - Costco Canada. The SE went on sale for $249 in the US on 16th Jan and was sold out on 20th Jan (source: wikipedia). Hurrah!


The Focal Spark did not deliver yesterday. In fact, it was delayed til today and has still not gone out for delivery yet! I made another order for goodies today (including the dayton mic) for same day delivery and it ALSO was delayed til tomorrow… I dont know whats up with the Rain Forest this week here, but it’s not making me happy.

I would have liked to get an iPhone, but the storage space is way too limited for the cost.


Errr… Anthony, my wife recommended me not going for the (cheaper) Rose Gold. Be careful with the Dayton not to pull the top off. I was not the first to ruin one…


Yea, I’ve seen many photos of broken Daytons. They are relatively cheap so not a huge deal. I just wanted to play around with a different method to measure IEMs and compare back to EARS.

My Pioneer DAP has 2 x 256GB SD storage + 64GB internal storage on it. :slight_smile:
I could live with 128GB though. That’s worked well for my phone.


This used to be my experience as well, until I found the right tips. In my case, those are Spinfit CP145s. Whenever I get a new pair of IEMs, I don’t even bother with the stock tips, I immediately throw on the Spinfits. The combination of the articulation and the soft silicone allow them to seal well without creating the uncomfortable pressure/fullness that I get from cheap silicone tips.


+1 for spinfits. I own the CP155 for iSine as well, though I no longer have them.
The CP145 works with most IEMs and I really like it.


I remember … my first Seagate Wren III, 5.25 inch full-height hard disk drive. It’s 155 megabyte space seemed enormous. Bigger than Montana. (147,040 sq. miles, 38.08M hectares). My previous big drive was 30 megabytes. And back then 155 MB was HUGE.

Yes, we have bloated OS’s now, and nobody hand-codes assembler routines for speed and size. Dr. Dobb’s Journals’ motto “Running Light Without Overbyte” is forgotten in history. (As is Ciarcia’s Circuit Cellar and his midnight projects).

It is still hard to get my head around the idea that people keep terabytes of data (I’m sure not all audio) for personal use. With cloud storage, and lossless streaming, I find a “mere” 64GB of space on my iPhone 6+ is not even close to being filled. The music folder on my Mac is under 8 GB, and includes most of my CDs. The beloved vinyl collection is perhaps 15-20 linear feet. 5.5M for you international unit people.

I’ll be toddling off now.


I have them on my CA Andromeda’s… I guess I’ll need to buy a couple more for my growing collection of IEMs lol


I’ve been in the process of ripping every CD i have into FLAC files… it’s taking way longer than I expected – mostly because I only do in at portions of a time. It’s filling up space quick. Still, a TB is quite a bit. I have a TB network storage thats probably half full of music, photos, videos, and other random stuff that I’ve kept.

But I’m old enough to know when we had 5.25" floppies for storage. It’s pretty amazing how times have changed! I now have a hundreds of GBs of stuff in a little usb stick thats smaller than my fingernail.


Umm. We had 8" floppies. 5.25 was a Mini-Floppy. My first ones held 44K, which soon doubled to 88k. Then two sided for 160k.

My older friends tell me about drum storage. And making it play songs when recording data certain carefully planned data.


I’ve got to disagree with you all here. Personally I prefer Iem’s but then again I may just be odd. I Started out with Iem’s so this may do some way to explaining it but I just prefer them to full size headphones. I don’t say that they have better sound than over ear headphones it’s just a preference thing.