The search for a decent BT earphone



Yes, I would be very curious how the Audio-Technica ones sound. Also interested in the Momentums, though from early impressions, it doesn’t sound like my thing. RHA also has a new one out as well.


It’s interesting to see the frequency response fall off at about the four kilohertz region for each of the additional iems you measured. I’m somewhat familiar with the campfire Orion, and I really don’t think it falls off like that, but I could be completely wrong. Do you think the results are indicative of your measuring equipment or actual FR?


The MiniDSP EARS does have some limitations. There is possibly some weird effects from the silicone rubber material use for the fake ear canal. That said, the measurement you are looking at above is Raw data, and most headphones do drop off there. This is what the graphs look like compensated (i.e. should be flat for neutral)

I have looked at my measurements for the Orion vs other measurement gear and the Orion does have a drop off in the upper treble. My graph generally follows what more standard measurement techniques do but there are some differences.