The General Advice/Questions Thread


Rather than having individual threads for every, specific, but limited-scope, questions, this thread is intended to coalesce all such questions into a single spot.

Specific discussions around individual pieces of equipment, tools, software, and so on generally warrant their own threads.

“Is headphone XXX better than YYY?” or “what’s the best DAC for $200” or “should I spend $200 on a cable or buy some ice-cream” threads are of limited/very-specific interest and are better served with specific questions in a dedicated advice/question thread … i.e. THIS thread … (which will generally get more overall traffic anyway).

We will be moving such discrete posts/threads to this more general threads we feel is appropriate. It is not a personal thing … just something we want to do in the interests in managing the number of useful threads/topics vs. those that are more “noise”.


Thank you

Your response(s) appreciated


Thanks for the message. We’re on it and will handle thIs through email.