Taking Audio Gear Pictures - Cameras, Tricks & Techniques


Oh, don’t think I’m jumping on this :wink: my next camera will be a FF…looking at the Nikon Z6 or the Sony A7III…but both of those are a ways off lol…I still need to get better at taking photos…but someone jumping in initially, this is a decent deal for some good tech. I actually really like the Lumix GX85 and agree with your recommendation on it…probably one of the better deals for an intro camera.


Unless you’re perpetually shooting in low, natural light, or need more control over depth of field (which is only going to be a 1-stop difference anyway) I’d agree.

While initially (and I mean right at it’s introduction) M43 was a bit limiting for wide-angle, once the native wide lenses started showing up (which are now covered extremely well), it is much easier to get proper, quality, coverage in both prime and zoom lenses for M43 than it is with APS-C.

In the end, the types of recreational photography I do pushed me more towards full-frame for my ILC stuff (a combination of Leica-M and Sony FE) - which means I’m doing “intentional photography”. And for everything else it’s a combination of the latest Sony RX-100 and a Leica V-Lux Typ 114 (which I will swap for an RX-10 when the MkV drops).


I’m still using a 2008 Canon Power Shot stupid camera for digital. And I have some nice even older cameras I picked up on some sale, that feel great using them but in digital terms, they’re primitive. (They were give-aways to people who where working to test a plastic surgery store and forward consultative system when I was in a medical start-up).

Someday I might actually get a newer mid range camera. Also some day I might wind up the half-used roll of Tri-X that’s in my Olympus OM-G and develop what I had on the roll when I put that camera away back in the late paleolithic.