Taking Audio Gear Pictures - Cameras, Tricks & Techniques


That is a nice looking photo.

I want to get the modern Stormtrooper M220 version of that headphone, but massdrop discontinued that color for some reason. I have an all black M220 which I use for my piano.


Sadly, I’m a stickler for the vintage K240s. Detail isn’t stellar but the tonality is wonderful!

Also I guess I’m sticking with this desk, I’m rather fond of having the wife’s little plant in the back ground! Just need to do something about those freaking blinds… need a solid White something


The problem isnt the white background.
You dont have enough amps in that photo.


Yup needs more amps…


This is true, any one want to send me a Liquid Spark or Magni 3?


I really like this picture, I thought it came out really well. Elex (background) Elegia (focus point) Clear (foreground)


I took using just the basic Panasonic 14-140mm f3.5-5.6 zoom lens.

This second one is using the Olympus 60mm Macro lens:


That dragonfly picture is awesome!


Oh wow, love the detail on the, is it a wasp, picture.


Yep It’s a wasp!

The macro lens is great for super fine details. But of course you have to have a very still subject for it to be effective. So, finding a dead wasp worked well for my subject.


True, I suppose if something is moving around it would be very difficult to get a steady shot. Say you took a close up of moving object does this affect the detail you can capture? Surely you have to have stationary object to take macro shots. Just a few thoughts as I know very little about photography in general.


I’ll second that. It’s a Kirby’s Dropwing, Trithemis kirbyi

I thought that the wasp looked a bit too dried out… I wonder if spraying with water from an atomizer might help. In the old days, a long shutter release and a pole might help taking photos of live ones.


I actually did spray it with water, but it was on probably the hottest day in the summer here, and he dried up quickly. You can see some of the droplets in the background on the ground, but yea.


UGH!!! Need to experiment much more with the lighting on my big Table <.< one’s to warm the other too cold, thinking of having the Blue Bulbs at the back and the warmer bulbs up front… eventually I’ll buy some better lights

Still two different filters, ideally I’d like the nice warm colors from the first pic, with the much more blue backdrop [and foreground] of the first pic

Though I’m still impressed with how well pics in my office turn out! From the natural light from the window and smaller space I’m pretty happy with the color temperature I can get there!


Green Screen and photoshop?


Are you taking the photo in RAW? If so, just use Lightroom or Dark Table and edit away! The second photo would be perfect for adjusting brightness and contrast.


Nah, my raws are saved as a CS2 and my Photoshop CS5 can’t read them for some reason -.-

DarkTable is open source :o guess I’m playing with this bad boi tomorrow! No time to tinker with the lights now, wife’s asleep and won’t like me tinkering around lol


Some good deals on Photography ebooks, and software over at Humble Bundle


New Sony Camera announced today! pretty decent pricing also APS-C…but the tech in it is pretty good! I’m not quite ready to graduate up to another camera yet…but this seems like a great intro for the price…


95% of photography is technique and the user’s eye and creativity. The rest is the technology. That’s my opinion anyway. :slight_smile:

I dont think the M43 to APS-C is worth the upgrade personally. I went from APS-C down to M43 myself. I think going FF will provide more benefits, but with more added costs and weight/size. APS-C is like nearly FF weight and size without being FF.

My opinions only. There are some technical advantageous to APS-C over M43 obviously.