Taking Audio Gear Pictures - Cameras, Tricks & Techniques


It is just new, I think having the right tools, and guides and really anyone can get some great pictures. But yes initially very complicated and confusing. But once I started doing/playing around with the camera it all started to fall in place. Still learning…


My hobbies tend to go in multi year cycles. I’ll learn something to exhaustion and then set it aside to do something else. With photography this happened during the late film and early digital era (1998 to about 2008). And then I saw all the pro stuff online and it went into the background.

I still have a Canon SL1 and a wide angle lens that cost as much as the camera. That’s the biggest camera I will take on travel, but it’s always a close call because I pack light.

Right now audio is on an upswing for me…


I’m a big hobby collector myself lol. I like to think of myself as a Jack of all, master of “some?” lol
I never really got into Photography though, most of my hobbies were outdoorsy when I was yoounger even up to a year or two ago (injuries are fostering a more easygoing hobby finding, that and a wife sick of taking care of my broken ass, especially with a 2year old running around lol). I’m just off a Ruptured achilles attained from downhill skateboarding a year and a half ago. The doctor was like “aren’t you too old for that?” I don’t think so but the wife made a good point about being broken and her having to take care of two toddlers (I have one kid for context, I.E. I’m the other toddler).


Yes Sir! was playing with it yesterday…it is an interesting lens…need to get used to it. It is fast, I now know what you mean by fast lenses lol!


Yeah, the “speed” of a lens is a reference to how wide an aperture it has. Larger maximum apertures (lower f-numbers) are considered “faster” than smaller ones.

For zoom lenses, f/2.8 is generally considered to be “fast”.

For primes, either f/2.0 or f/1.8 is about where that designation starts.

By f/1.4 you can wind up in situations where you won’t get both eyes in focus, or the eye itself is bt the eyelashes are already starting to blur, especially with 85mm and longer lenses. Obviously you can stop the lens down to a smaller aperture to get more depth of field, and doing so on a fast lens tends to result in better results than shooting a slower-lens wide-open.

Having f/1.2 and f/0.95 lenses to play with has spoiled me …


I’m looking into the f/1.4 you recommended to me, I think a 50mm might be another one to look into also…I’m a fan of having a one stop shop/jack of all master of one/two camera though… we’ll see what I end up liking and gravitating to.


If you mean an actual 50mm focal length (which will act like a 100mm on your GX85 for field of view), the closest MFT options to consider are the Panasonic 42.5mm lenses (the f/1.2 is excellent, and the f/1.7 is no slouch), as well as the extremely highly regarded Olympus 45mm f/1/.8.


I’d start with the inexpensive f2.0 50mm lenses before going overboard. They produce good bokeh and won’t break the bank.

In the real world I use my super wide angle for a lot of stuff and a conventional zoom for most everything else.


Canon EF-S Zoom Lens for Canon EF-S - 10mm-22mm - F/3.5-4.5

My favorite lens. It does the impossible!

Looks like a coffee mug on a camera more or less…


While that’s good general advice, there’s no such thing for Micro Four Thirds.

You would either have to use an adapted SLR lens (which means either manual focus, possible lack of aperture control, or an expensive intelligent adapter) or one of the various manual focus third-party options - all of which (from memory) are faster than f/2.0 anyway.


Mirrorless…shouldn’t try to reply from my phone…


The 42.5mm f/1.2 is in my cart lol…just haven’t pulled the trigger yet lol. I’ll look into the Olympus 45mm f/1.8… damn and here I thought I was going to avoid the camera bug lol


This is totally off topic now lol.

There is a cheap Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 that has gotten decent reviews for MFT and other mounts. Its occasionally on Massdrop too but is easily found on amazon.


Ha, that is the other lens in my cart on amazon lol that is funny


Get yourself a Holga lens for that retro feel:

Just $17:


I forget that Massdrop does camera…thank you for reminding me…sigh takes out wallet… :wink:


I’m not going to suggest any more deals or gadgets because your wife will hate me without ever meeting me before. :slight_smile:


Lol, we keep our finances separate, it helps keep us sane lol. We do joint savings, the big thing is as long as we are contributing to our retirement and don’t have debt we don’t really bother with the others budgets. Now me buying a bunch of things that clutter “her” house…that is a problem lol :wink:


My daughter when her mom asks if papa got any packages today…


xD perfect, also @DarthPool I’m so used to exploring the “manual” options on my V20 I do the same with my camera, sooooooo many late nights these days just shooting the same picture over and over seeing what does what

I liked these

I originally had some contrived stack of paper and boxs to get the amp up higher, as I liked how the plant looks in the back drop… but that got to be cumbersome so I eventually ditch all that and changed my angle and slapped a headphone in front of it. I am a sucker for how nicely the K240M looks in pictures