Steve Guttenberg writes about on CNET



Congrats on the article, Gents. I appreciate how far you’re willing to go to make sure people find their musical bliss.


Thanks man! I was a little more comfortable when our crazy return policy was a well-kept secret among audiophiles :wink:

However I hope this opens the door to great sound for a wider audience.


He also put together a little video. TL DW; has a 365-day return policy


Great write-up! Hopefully that brought in a fresh new audience. Great service is paramount to building long-term loyalty and if the crazy long return policy is the hook to get people in here, your fantastic (fast, friendly, and personable!) customer service is what we’ll bring 'em back again and again.


Thanks. Welcome to The HEADPHONE community btw!


I’ll tell you, this article is what brought me here! I’m a stereophile and CNET follower. Glad to have found though


It may seem like there is a bit of an Audeze bias with Andrew holding 3 pairs of Audeze headphones in our picture but we assure you there is not. We were supposed to have quite a few headphones in the photo but unfortunately they did not arrive before our photoshoot. The MX4 is definitely great though!


This type of thing is what really attracted me to the first iteration of and I am glad to see that tradition continue. I was quite impressed by their in-depth reviews of every product, but in particular when they actively discouraged you from buying certain products, saying “do not buy these unless…”

Any company who puts transparency and customer satisfaction above their own profits has my loyalty!


Funny… I listen to Steve’s Daily Blogs on YouTube almost every day. This post is what introduced me to the website. After I watched his blog (I think it was the day he posted it), I went to the website. The rest is history (ok… a short history, but still history).


This is not only good press, but good business practice. Thank you, Andrew and Taron!


Dude, this is awesome @andrew @taronlissimore! You guys feel like fucking superheroes…


Thanks @ChaseReeves!


Hold up! Is this the same Chase Reeves that reviews ALL the bags?!


That’s the guy!


Hard to imagine I missed this topic. No doubt Steve has great taste in reviewing our great forum and return policy. I’m glad I saw that post. Hopefully it will make me feel more confident in any purchase frome . Thanks guys.