Sony IEM's - IER-M7, IER-M9, and the IER-Z1R


Hi Guys,

I am curious about all three of these IEM’s, but the IER-Z1R in particular. As the Tia Fourte ended up not working out for my ears (they set off my tinnitus after a while for whatever reason, I’m really not sure…) I’m considering jumping back into IEMs, and the three new offerings from Sony appear to be getting some positive feedback. Has anyone here had a chance to give them a listen apart from @Ishcabible at RMAF? Reports so far seem to be saying that they all have different sound signatures. Not a huge fan of the “bling” look of the IER-Z1R, but hey, if it sounds great…





If anyone’s going to CanJam I definitely recommend people try the IER-Z1R; I was shocked at how good they were.


Damn, I wish I was in NYC so I could go to CanJam and hear them. I’ve called around and haven’t been able to find anywhere in Vancouver that is going to have the Z1R’s. Its very surprising as there is a big Sony presence at lots of stores, we even used to have more than one Sony store :frowning: