Me too. The HD700 is an underrated headphone but that’s my opinion. I know lots of people hate it but I like it.:grin:


Has anyone tried the new Sennheiser True Wireless Momentums? Really curious how they sound!


We hopefully have some of them arriving this week but they are incredibly back-ordered from Sennheiser right now.

I didn’t get the chance to try them out myself yet but I have read some mixed impressions of them. I know some reddit users do not like them as they find the bass is super bloated while others say they sound great.

I think Amazon should be shipping out their pre-orders soon so there will be a lot more impressions out there for the Momentum True Wireless soon.


Hmm I wonder if it has the sound signature of the other Momentum lineup. I used to own both the On-Ear and Over-ear Momentum v1 and I found them a great looking headphone but kind of overpriced in sound quality. I found the mid-bass hump a bit too much and muddying the sound. I don’t know if this has gotten better over the revisions to it.