Sennheiser HE 1 - Official Thread



Yes, as a matter of fact I just read it now. Or at least part of it… I was eating taco’s and watching hockey an the same time.

The tab is still open and I plan to devote some time to enjoying the rest later tonight.


And the additional advantage of simple wiring.


Yes, I saw that post too. I was a really good read. He had a really interesting take on things. It did begin the discussion on regarding people’s listening experiences whilst high. I don’t personally dabble in drugs due to health reasons but I don’t begrudge or judge anyone that does. If they feel that it enhances their listening experience then good for them. Live and let live. Obviously as long as they don’t put their health at risk.


Other headphones - no doubt . Plenty of great amps and dacs out there waiting to come home with me.


Maybe they’ll invent a “goldtooth” version. :roll_eyes: