Sennheiser HD 820 Closed-Back Headphone - Official Thread



I agree with you. We expect much more with these price differance.


Well, I must say these are something to hold in the hand! Surprisingly light, also one of the better looking headphones I’ve seen. Also very comfortable on the head. The glass is such a cool component and functional too as it directs reverb away and into sound dampening in the cups. So far I’m really enjoying these, I’ve only listened to about an hours worth of music, and have them next to my Focal Elegia for comparison. The Elegia is more relaxing to listen to and is more closed in sounding. The HD820 is wide surprisingly so for a closed back. It is very much so a similar experience to the HD800. There is some odd things happening that I can’t pin down as of yet…more to follow as I get more time with them. Oh one more thing…just like other TOTL headphones source matters and these will highlight bad quality recordings/compressed sources…


Ok, more time with them, I have a bunch of pictures I need to get off my camera. I’ll start pulling notes together and thoughts for the review. I will say these are amazing, but I’ve been spoiled by the Elegia. Spoiler the HD820 is probably my favorite looking headset I’ve played with to date.


Not wanting you to spill the beans too much re your review, but which do you like best?


To be fair it is like comparing apples to oranges, they both are closed back, but they both do different things. I would say that the HD820 is as close as you will get to closed back HD800(s). I honestly prefer the design and comfort of the HD820 to the Elegia, which says a lot, as the elegia is also one of the most comfortable headphones out there. The Elegia is very close to the Focal Clear tone, and balance. Elegia has an “easier” listening experience. The HD820 is more reference and detail oriented. I would say it is a very similar experience to A/B HD800 to the Focal Clear, as it is to the HD820 to the Elegia. As you have the previous mentioned you can get a feel for what it would be like to listen to them.

I still can’t get over the aesthetics of the HD820…

Anyhow I hope I sufficiently meandered around your question :wink:


Most definitely. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I appreciate it. I haven’t seen an HD820 in the flesh so to speak, but the way you speak of it’s look it would seem it looks even better than in pictures. I cannot get over the price of it though.

In very simplistic terms it looks like a HD800 with a bit of glass on the sides. I know that that isn’t the case. There must have been vast resources poured into R&D but still it’s pricr seems excessive.


I think that the majority of the cost is in the R&D of the glass and dampening, then fitting that into the HD800s frame. I also don’t think it justifies the cost for the average consumer, unless you very specifically need reference closed back HD800s. In that scenario the price is worth it. But for average everyday listeners I personally think that the Elegia fits the bill just fine as a everyday closed back with better than average sound profile in the TOTL lineup of closed backs.Now taking cost out of the equation, I would buy these in a heartbeat.


My feelings exactly. I haven’t had the head time with either of these but reading between the lines and what you’ve been experiencing I would definitely go towards the Elegia, if I was in need of a closed back headphone. Headphone prices are crazy and it seems to get worse as every month passes.