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As one who is an engineer, does a lot of testing at work, and does a lot of hobbyist testing at home, I like measurements, but I realize that its only a small apart of the whole story. I feel like people are so drawn to the numbers, they forget to actually listen and enjoy.

A couple years ago now, there were only a handful of us taking measurements and posting DIY stuff online. Now it seems like everyone is doing it with their own DIY tools which is wonderful and great. But now we have more strict objectivist who only look at FR curves and if it’s not HARMAN TARGET than its worthless. I find a lot of naive-ness in these type of commenters – the first one being taking a DIY tool and trying to strictly compare it to a compensated curve used on another too with factual argument, and then thinking that if its exactly like Harman Target, then it must be better than Z which is not quite Harman but slightly off – while not paying attention to other things like distortion, decay, dynamics, etc that affect how you hear things (like speed of attack reducing that mid-bass bump in the Harman Curve so that it doesnt bloat out everything).

Anyway, on Schiit Audio - I find ASR is useful for what it is trying to, but I also find that it has a cult-ish following. I mean, the first comment on the Joutenheim review was something about a bland, boring metal look – I happen to really like that unique, yet modern simple look over some generic acrylic diy box look that gets rave reviews.


My high school friend’s dad had a red one. I never did get to drive it, nor his GT350 fastback for some reason…


You weren’t able to pull a Ferris Bueller? :wink:


That’s very well said. I couldn’t agree more.
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They should give you stock in the company! :wink:

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