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I’m not one for buying off of specs/measurements, so that part of the review wasn’t of great interest to me, but the part about grounding the top cover peaked my interest. I’ll be sure to ohm meter my Schiit when it shows up.


I should check mine too, but I don’t think it is a big problem across the board. I’ll be interested to see what your measurements will be.


It wasn’t an issue on my original Jotunheim (nor my Saga).

It isn’t an issue on the one I have here now (about 30 days old).

And just for good measure, it isn’t an issue on the Lyr 3 I have here either.

Then, just to cover the bases, Schiit added additional, specific, tests during their build/QA process to verify this isn’t an issue (even though, from what I recall, they didn’t find problems with their current stock anyway).


Yeah, as I recall only a couple people had a problem with it, I wonder if it was user error? As in they opened it up and broke something? Or just biased reporting on a false positive… :smile:


Impossible to say without having the unit on hand before it was initially tested/opened.

It’s certainly possible there was paint/coating preventing electrical contact on those units (that Jotunheim and a Saga they found the issue on too). But it wasn’t, and isn’t, an endemic problem, and specific steps to ensure it doesn’t become one were already taken.

I know I’ve had both the Jotunheim and Lyr 3 apart/reassembled enough now, as part of auditioning the three available modules (4490 BAL DAC, Multibit DAC and Phono Stage) in both units, and not had any such issues at all.


Well, I’m pretty happy with mine, especially after doing the fix you told me about with the RME ADI-2DAC! But I’m starting to really like the cavalli liquid X too…


Do you have balanced cables (both interconnects and headphone) for the Jotunheim and LCX?


Great feedback. Thank you…


I do…but confession, I have not hooked them up yet… I need to order another set and rearrange how my desktop setup is.


Well I bailed on the Jotenheim for a Lyr3 MB. Change was made easy by Schiit customer service. Great service for sure. Decided I didn’t need the balanced inputs, so I made the switch. Plus, I have access to a few 6NS7 octals.


Man, I am really enjoying the Jot, with the balanced in from the RME ADI-2DAC, this is my first balanced chain setup.

I can’t believe how quiet and exquisite it sounds. Quiet as in the inky blackness of space, it makes for all the details to shine through. It is rather addicting…I wish I could do balanced into my Bottlehead……

Well so much fun to be had listening to my tracks.


I’m excited to say I’ll be giving the Valhalla 2 a listen in my home system! This will be the first of Schiits non Hybrid Amps I’ve gotten to review in my own home

As a big fan of the Original Vali 1 [and my Etir], I’m excited to hear how the Valhalla 2 does [especially with some upgraded tubes ^^]


A great upside of the Valhalla is you can use 6BZ7 tubes. They are very inexpensive ($3-$4 each) in you have the ability to match them. I just bought 24 NOS for my Mjolnir 2…


Sadly this unit is on loan to me so I won’t be rolling to many tubes into it!


I bought a Mjolnir for my main system. Really does a good job…I needed something with lots of power, and it delivers.


It has taken me way too long to get it finished - partly due to a “bad” habit of stopping to just enjoy what I’m listening too, but I finally got my review and comparison of the Schiit Magni 3 and Vali 2 posted.


Updated ASR review of Jotunheim with the AK4490 DAC instead of the multibit:

Spoilers: Not recommended. Distortion. Grounding issues. Atom and THX AAA 789 recommended as better alternatives.


With respect to the Lyr3, I thought the amp was OK, but the multi-bit DAC module didn’t cut it for me. The Mjolnir2 has worked out well, as my second system headphone amp.


Hasn’t that ASR guy been proven on both the HF and SBAF sites to be a complete hack? A self proclaimed “measurement expert” who never listens to anything he measures? Who thinks himself more competent than Audio Precision engineers, and has publicly said as much? He’s been blackballed by several members of the trade as well, I believe, like Benchmark. A human who has demonstrated cultish, deceiving, megalomaniac personality traits.

I wonder why people link his trash on this site. IMO, it doesn’t look good on you as a audio hobbyist, or as a rational person.

He will never recommend Schiit. Fine, we get it.


He actually recommended both the Modi 3 and the Magni 3 (though not enthusiastically on the Magni 3).

I’m not a big fan of ad hominem arguments. If Schiit is shipping improperly grounded mains-powered equipment, that’s a safety problem (not to mention an audible one) and whatever you may think of the messenger, that’s not cool.