Replacement/ upgrade cable for Shure se425's



I have some Shure se425’s and unfortunately, as shure’s seem to do, the ear molding wire has broken and starting to interfere with the signal on one side of the headphones. I’m looking for recommendations to replace the cable with a hopefully more durable one. I could use some replacement ear tips as well so if anyone has recommendations for some comfy tips, that would be great! I wear these roughly 6-8 hours a day so comfort is more of a priority than anything else. Budget for the cable is <$50, as I am hoping to buy two of whatever I get.


I have had good experiences with the Yinyoo cables. I got a balanced 2.5 mm MMCX cable for £30 which has been a great investment. It doesn’t have memory wire but it’s fine without. There are cheaper ones in its line up too. Very well built and good sound.


yinyoo it is! Thanks fallon!


Been using the Yinyoo’s for a couple days, they’re great! Thank you again!


That’s great news. I found them to be very reliable and great sounding too. My cable is still going strong. Though I really baby all my gear. The construction is also great. Enjoy.