Radsone ES100 - Bluetooth DAC/Amp - Official Thread



I sure like mine, maybe mostly because it’s just a fun little bit of gear. Still exploring its possibilities.



Can we have an “official” ES100 thread dedicated to the millions of permutations of settings there are? I don’t have test equipment but I’d like to know how others are using their EarStudio’s with different headphones and IEMs.



Since 95% of this thread is only talking about the ES100 anyway, I’m just going to change the title here.

Any “official” thread generally talks about comparable devices anyway.


Any of you with Sennheiser cans and an ES100? I have four different sets. HD25+, HD58x, PX100ii and PX200. I notice a slightly deeper sound with the PX100 and ES100, connected via USB to my MacBook Pro (I tried the same cut using iTunes, directly plugged into the headphone jack and then into the ES100).

I’m now wondering if I can get a richer sound from the HD58x in the same manner. What would be a good set of adjustments to get even better sound? The ES100 doesn’t add more clarity but it seems to add more depth, if that makes sense.

Suggestions anyone?