Problem with HD700s


Hello all,
I love my HD700s but they have recently developed a problem: occasionally if I move my head or move the cable slightly while listening, I get a bit of distortion in the left channel. Is there an easy fix for this or should I be contacting Sennheiser for a warranty repair? Problem is I bought in U.S. and live in Canada. I don’t think they’ll honour the warranty as a result.
Thanks for any help you can provide!


Why wouldn’t they honor the warranty? You have a receipt?


They say it in their fine print: warranty not honoured if product used in a country other than that where it was purchased.


If you contact their US warranty department they should honour the warranty provided you have a sales receipt and it was bought from an authorized dealer. Sennheiser is usually good about honouring warranty, even on second-hand purchases. The only thing they might make you do is pay for shipping to the US instead of having it shipped to their Canadian facility.


Thanks for that.


The worst thing that can happen you will have to send it to their shop in the States.
It will cost you few more bucks but hey Canadian dollar is cheap these days :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you try reversing the headphone cable connections? Might be the cable connector.


That’s shocking. I always thought Sennheiser were a decent company. In my dealings with them they always came through. Perhaps you could just keep trying. In my experience sometimes you get different answers from different people. It’s worth a shot. But stick around for further advice there are some knowledgeable folks around here. All the best and I wish you luck.


Good tip, will try. Thanks.


I’m in Canada and Sennheiser fixed a crackling driver for me by replacing both drivers with a matched pair…at no charge.

I didn’t have a receipt as they were a gift (but that was several years ago).


Thanks, but did you purchase the phones in Canada? That is the issue. I have a receipt but I’m in Canada and the retailer is in the US. Sennheiser U.S. & Sennheiser Canada seem to operate separately, to the extent that B&H won’t ship Sennheiser products to


PM created/sent. Not trying to hide anything, it was just kinda long for a completely public post about something that occured a several years ago and might no longer apply.


Sennheiser graciously replaced my 600s that were w-a-y out of warrantee with a brand new pair of 600s. The problem was that the plugs didn’t align with their sockets, resulting in blacked-out sound whenever I moved my head. Kudos to Sennheiser!


No doubt. I’ve always said, in marketing bad news travels faster than good news. It’s far better to provide satisfied customer service, hence more sales. Clearly evident by your experience.


Tom, I appreciate your commenting on my comment. Good to know my voice is being heard. - ko


Tom, while it’s doubtful that I’ll qualify for your loaner program, I wonder just what you’ve got to loan. - KO