Pioneer XDP 300-R. Balanced DAP


That’s great news. We’re you using SE or Balanced?




Balanced for about 95% of it

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That a good improvement over what I have been getting. I will have to cull more programs. Although I only use Spotify and Neutron.




Has anyone used this with Tidal? I can’t seem to download files to this device using Tidal. No issues with Spotify offline downloading.

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I haven’t used Tidal with it but use Spotify all the time and like you have had no problems whatsoever.

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I’ve come to the brief conclusion that Tidal is causing me too many problems for slightly better sound quality with the issues using the Desktop App and issues with my DAP.



my Spotify stock is happy with this response :wink: lol disclaimer I purchased it when it went live on the stock exchange… I have no other affiliation.

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So you own the company. Seems rather biased to me :slight_smile:

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clarification… I purchased some Spotify stock :wink: I wish I had enough money to purchase the company…If I did I would be living someplace with more sunshine and beachfront…lol



Tidal app seems to have fixed itself. haha. Offline downloading works now. Not really sure why it didnt work before.

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That’s good to know. Any ideas at all what it was. Was it an update or just gremlins?



Gremlins. They got in and took over



I’ve been working with a french guy I met on head-fi and we’ve been doing some dev work on this device this past few days and so far so good! He’s been working on a total brick crash scenario fix using some help from my working device, while I’ve been working on some things to prevent that in the future.

I made a working port of Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) recovery image for XDP-300R tonight and it works!!

Other things:

  1. Rooting - I’ve already rooted using Kingoroot. Anyone can do this as it’s an app that you can sideload and root by pressing a button. That said, this app may contain ads, and other junk you may not want. I ended up installed Chainfire SuperUser SU over it and then removing all traces of Kingoroot from my device.

  2. Fastboot - fastboot is actually available. I just didnt have drivers installed correctly in my Windows 10 setup. I used fastboot oem unlock and unlocked my bootloader.

  3. I made backups of my Recovery and Boot files here, along with backups of my rooted system image, and QCN files from QPST (qualcomm’s emergency download interface):

  4. TWRP is working, like I said! Meaning, you can install or boot off of it, and install SU from there directly! And now, you can do it with backing up all your data/system files for safe keeping. Hooray!

  5. As I stated before, Xposed Framework works fine. I’ve been using it for 8 months now without any issues. Xposed is also a module for Magisk, which is much safer to work with.

  6. Magisk works now! I can install using their official zip installer that is to be flashed using TWRP.

  7. Using my rooted system, I have been able to modify the build.prop file to use the DAC on other android apps (or so I think I am anyway). Same method as LG and other devices.

  8. more to come?



Brilliant work @antdroid. I love my XDP-300r for the money it’s all that I require. Keep up the great work and then I might follow your example if you take me through it.

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Thanks. I made a quick write-up on Recovery Installation:



Thanks Anthony. Your a star.

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