Ossic raised over $3m through crowdfunding to build Hedphones and shut down before delivering



I know I saw people on reddit that got in on this and were pretty pissed. Talks of a class-action and the like. I’m not sure how far you can get by suing a company that has declared bankruptcy though.

Kickstarter / Indie Go Gos are pretty risky, especially when you get into technology.

But the Mobius looks pretty great. I think if Audeze can deliver on even 80% of the promises they’ve made with the tech and sound on the Mobius people will be pretty happy with it. And I trust Audeze to deliver the product.


Yeah, it’s funny, I was in for $219 and saw my last update around February. Last week I thought “why haven’t the OSSICs showed up yet?” I’ve sponsored other kickstarter projects, and one, The Meater is amazing but that’s it for me, no point in jumping in early when I can get the product when it goes public.

The Mobius seems like a lot of headphone for the money, I may have to give them a shot…