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I agree regarding keyboard and mouse. Coming from PCgaming onto console gaming it takes a long time to get used to not having it, though I know you can get a keyboard and mouse for console. But keyboard and mouse offer so much more control. Sooo much better.


Oh, I know it…I’m a convert to the ways of Keyboard and mouse…I use controllers for action games and rpgs now. Keyboard and mouse are for FPS games.


I agree the reaction times are much better when using a nicely setup Kebroyd and mouse for FPS. Plus you can map your keys to the plethora of different guns ammo’s and actions. I don’t dare go online and play FPS now as my reactions are shot to buggery and I don’t wish to keep getting how do they say ‘owned’ by 8 year olds not sure that’s correct but close. To cries of noob and those are just the polite comments. Nope it’s SODOKU all the way now on my 3DS. :grin:


Does anyone notice what I believe are microdetails in BC2? Like, the rustle of a uniform when an enemy merely changes his direction; the flick when they switch to alternative fire like 40 mm; when they swap firearms; when they reload; the arm movement and “uhh” sound when they throw a motion sensor, and the impact of the motion sensor hitting the ground, wall or something else. And many other sound cues that I can’t identify and almost make me think my mind plays tricks on me, but when I go with my instinct, it turns out there’s an enemy there.

I was once playing Conquest on Panama Canal, and I was at Alpha when I saw a UAV go up, so I ran to Charlie, headed up the outer staircase, and as I was half-way up, I heard the rustle of an enemy’s uniform that was sitting on the roof to the right of the entrance. So I decided to run up to the top and shoot the enemy at the UAV station from the inside and then run out, do a sharp turn and shoot the other enemy. I killed him before he was able to react. And he saw it coming a split second before he died, ha. If I didn’t hear him and decided to run out and try to knife the UAV guy, which is quite tempting when someone is using that pesky mini helicopter and are vulnerable like that, I probably would have been shot and killed in the back before I could reach him.

People are practically deaf in this game. Footsteps are LOUD, yet I can run up to enemies and knife them in the back. I do this often to snipers that are camping up on the hills where there’s nothing but birds chirping.

Even more mind-boggling are those shoutouts or screams enemies make when their teammates are killed that seemingly nobody hears. I came across a thread on r/badcompany2 not long ago where someone asked how to turn them off O.O They’re dead giveaways, I don’t get it…

There was this one time when I killed an enemy on top of the building at Delta on Panama Canal in Conquest and I heard something like “OH-OH, SHIT!”. So I went down to the second floor and checked the room near the staircase to the roof, but he wasn’t there even though I could swear he was. So I checked the bigger room at the back that leads to the outer staircase towards the construction towers, but he wasn’t there either. So then it hit me, he was sitting on the metal roof to the right of the staircase leading up to the top of the building. So I ran up, jumped over the edge and swooped right down knifing him in the face.

Sometimes it can take me minutes to find them, but it’s almost guaranteed there’s someone there. There have only been two times where I wasn’t able to find them and gave up. Once, an enemy was sitting on top of the double-stacked containers near Alpha on Panama Canal, which is quite high up and people very rarely sit there.


Do you play on Xbox as well? Or only PS4…


I play on PS3 and PS4. BC2 isn’t on PS4. I have BC2 on PC, too, if you had forgotten…


no just curious. Origins gamertag:NinjaN3rd
Steam gamertag: N!njaN3rd


So do you play BC2 on Origin or Steam? I saw that you have it on Steam.


Yeah I was going through my back catalog of games, and saw it on there…aparently I have it on both…I tried playing but no one was online…I’m assuming I need to find better servers…but I only had a limited amount of time to jump in to play last night.

So long answer short, I will play it on Steam lol, but it isn’t my primary game, I’ll play it if I see you online


Lol, I was going to play when I saw you online. I tried to play earlier today, but the number of players was worse on PC. Most of the matches were hardcore, too, which I hate playing. I’m seriously considering Xbox now and snagging one on the used market.
Did you use the search button under the filter options in the server browser? If not, it would be blank.


I did a cursory look…but only found two servers… and neither had any players in them. I’m sure there are some dedicated servers with people playing…


Do you have BC2 on Xbox? I have one now.


I’m pretty sure I do… I’ll check when I get home


Use your imagination, not your graphics card. :wink:

The game I used to play was go online, do your stuff, and get offline with your wallet intact as it generally cost $4 to $11 per hour depending on your connection and service.


nuts…now I have to fire up the games and relive the glory days lol. Anyone remember gaming on the old Kaypro II? “Who needs no stinkin’ internet…” lol but it was fun for the first games.


Omega Race Commodore 64, and a bunch of other Commodore 64 games…first real fond memories of gaming…followed by the NES! I have a lot of NES related tattoos…


It’s not us reliving the glory days - I posted this for the young’uns who have never been in a in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike or who have never encountered a grue


I thought that was a description of Twitter and Facebook. Lots of Grues on Craig’s List too.


I thought Craig’s list got a little bright for Grues since law enforcement came down on them for certain personals.


mazes…ouch. remember the original dungeons and dragons??? no graphics at all and you were wondering in the dark, in a maze. we used to use paper and pencil to keep track of our route…in between fighting off the dinosaurs…:skull_and_crossbones: