Off Topic Gaming Thread



I remember beating it on SNES back in the 90’s…I have always jumped between console and PC, I remember playing hexen on PC, but mostly sims style games, or RTS. I loved Sim ant back in the day as a kid.

Have you guys played the new Doom? it is amazing! talk about a rush!


I miss interactive fiction. Infocom games. Zork I, II, III. Bureaucracy. And the “graphic adventure days” Eastern Front 1942


If you ever play games on your phone/tablet - I highly, highly recommend “80 Days”. It’s a fun little choose your own adventure text game based on “Around the World in 80 Days.” I think its also available on PC/Mac actually.


There’s a buggy app, Frotz, that still can play some of the interactive fiction. You can still find Zork and Colossal Cave in online versions. Colossal Cave is of great historical note. I believe it was originally a program on a PDP-1, certainly not later than PDP-8. In headphone terms, it’s almost like hearing the sea in a conch shell.


I used to play Zork in DOS. What an interesting game. :slight_smile:


Ah Hexen, I remember that one too. It was a super fun game but I used to get a bit of motion sickness whilst playing that one. Possibly the games engine though the same engine was used in other games. I used to really love the Unreal Tournament series.


Loved Hexen and played it right up until I found that Morrowind would play just fine on “Media-Center” craptastic pc. Those two cemented my love for fpp open-world rpgs. Played yet another marathon Fallout 4 session last night.


Does anyone happen to play BF:BC2?


I haven’t played that in a bit…currently playing the current Battlefield (but on xbox) I might switch over to PC…thinking about getting the EA premium pass for the year…I.E. enough games there that I plan to play that it makes it worth it…but we shall see…

EDIT: also currently addicted to playing the WonderWoman simulator (AC:Odyssey) and it is awesome!


I have a gaming PC and BC2 installed on it, but I play on PS3. I’ll have to hop over to a more populated platform soon. Xbox is more tempting as I strongly prefer controllers, and 360 and XB1 share the same servers and are also 12v12, so the pace and dynamic should be the same, which are the main reason why I don’t play later BF games except BF3 and BF4 once in a while for a few matches. BF has become so run-and-gun and frantic with lots of random crazy shit happening all around you.


That is fair, still not as bad as the COD craziness though. BF5 is fun, but I tend to play the smaller map modes which limit to tanks and ground troops…but still 16v16/32v32. So yes it can get a lil chaotic…


@tacanacy I have BC2 on my Origins account I could load it up and play it if you wanted to…but I would need to get used to it again and would probably be bad at it initially lol


Do you know how to add or invite people between different clients? I’m on Steam.
What time zone are you in? I’m in GMT+1 and can play for the next few hours.


This might be difficult…lol, but doable, I do most of my gaming late at night here in the PNW anyhow.


PST is your time zone?
I tried to add BC2 to my Origin account with a CD key from Steam, but apparently it had been used before, but I was able to add it via their “non-Origin game” option, which added BC2 to my Origin library and I can lunch the game from there. It still uses Steam, though, so I’m not sure how seeing each other online in-game and inviting each other will work. What’s your ID? Mine is Tacanacy.


I haven’t played it in forever…are Sniper shotguns still a thing? I’ll check my gamertag when I get home today.


I’ve played only one match on PC, so I don’t know.


Sniper shotguns, wow I’ve been missing out. Those would be great in a game. I may have to borrow my sons copy, I’m sure he has it on Xbox 360.:grin:


Just awesome, everyone would be running around with the same weapons and tactics. No, thanks. That crap should be balanced out.


Yeah, it was always fun lobbing shotgun slugs across the map at snipers, they would get really irritated when they saw they were killed from across the map by a shotgun…the physics in the game allowed for you to essentially “lob” the slug round anywhere accounting for the bullet drop. I only did it a couple of times, it was much easier on PC due to the nature of the mouse and Keyboard. But I play mostly on consoles/with a controller so I’m not the best Keyboard and mouse player.

Edit: @Tacanacy yeah that is why I asked if it was still a thing…the slug round maintained too much TTK damage at those distances, and made sniping not as viable…even though it did take skill to land shots with the slug…a lot of times it came down to hitbox and the amount of damage the slug does.