Off Topic Gaming Thread



You won’t see me looking at this thread, no sireee Bob. When I was laid up with a broken neck, I started to play EVONY (2012). While it was pretty good to waste my time when I couldn’t do much else, it did tempt one to spend $$. I understand the gameplay is much like Age of Empires.

Anyway, after a while on most servers it no longer became a game of war, but more a game of how well you could program the 20 or something bot instances you had running on your computer to manage your cities. And to help defend those 3 AM attacks. I was reasonably good at it, hosting or vice-hosting alliances, and being in the top 100 or so active players on a server.

Never going to go there again. Maybe Lumosity… at least I can claim a benefit.


I mostly play Sports GM sims – like Football Manager (soccer), Front Office Football (NFL sim), Out of the Park Baseball / MLB Manager (mobile version) – and I’ve also been making my own game for Android called College Football Coach: Career Edition, which is a similar coach/management sim for college.

They can be huge time-sucks but you can play at your own pace and it’s addicting and challenging.


And…now I’m addicted to playing Battlefield V…lol


I was really into Battlefield 1 for quite some time. I still get in a game or two the odd morning before heading to work. I was looking at V but couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger.


It was on sale for less than $30 and my buddy picked it up so that is why I picked it up…now I can’t stop playing lol. It is a weird loop Multiplayer games can pull you into. I’ll probably tire of it soon enough and head to Greece for some Odyssey…


Ahh yes Odyssey, the last one I played was Black Flag. I’ve got Xbox Live Gold along with the Game Pass so I have way too many to get through (not to mention all the games I impulse buy during Steam sales that I never play). Games like BF and CoD are nice because I can drop in for a quick 20 minutes without investing too much time or brain power haha.

Whenever I grab something that needs some real investment I always have to block out some time for it.


Yeah, having a 2yr old doesn’t make it any easier lol. I tend to get 1 to 2 hrs a day to game…I’ve been trying to focus on one game at a time…but so many games lol


I love(d) the Battlefield series. But man, it’s hard to jump in on it unless you started from Day 1 sometimes. But I mostly love just riding around in vehicles and doing stupid stuff in planes like crashing them into bases to take out people and then parachuting next to the flag under cover.


To those of you who are still Playing Monster Hunter 4U I log on from time to time


I’m a retiree and avid pc gamer, but I really only play Bethesda open-world rpg’s or The Witcher series-playing both the first and the third iterations, though Fallout 4 remains my go-to time sink. I love them because I’m an old, spazzy player so the familiarity of the controls spanning most all of Bethesda’s first-person games is why I love them so, plus, while I admit to chasing the gorgeous graphics ( presently playing @4k) I still find FO3/NV to be really easy on the eyes, and the sentimental values of just hearing the music is enough to get me to fire up one of them. Heck, I have an instance of Morrowind still running on my desktop.

I am very fortunate to be able to game at all hours of the day and night-it’s my escape from depression, and while I do like gaming with my headphones, I have a pretty substantial, if inexpensive, sound system attached to the pc, with a big SVS sub in this tiny room. Explosions are quite the experience. When I do use headphones, I have my sub still playing so I get the feel them as well as hear it all.


I am. Big JRPG fan but do also play other RPGS I remember playing the first in the elder scrolls line from Bethsheda. Also remember the Ultimate Underground series and Ultima series on the PC years ago. This was truly time to be gaming. I remember when I got the Shareware version of Doom for the first time. The graphics were groundbreaking. So many milestones been and gone since then. Don’t get me wrong I still love gaming but am a console user now. I mostly play JRPGS, RTS and RPGS and lots of Gameboy Sodoku. :grin:


I like the Fallout games because of the VATS system. I used to be able to play FPS games well but its becoming so twitch-oriented (COD!) that I can’t do it anymore. I’ve lost my reflexes and coordination lol. With the Stop/Freeze time ability in Fallout, I can strategize what I want to do which is great.

Also, I spent probably over 100 hours transforming and building my Castle in Fallout 4.


You guys should check out “Into the Breach”:

It is very addictive and fun! I’m not even that big on strategy games…but this one melted 4hrs away from my life the first time I played it…I completely immersed in it and lost track of time.


I downloaded Doom (1993) on its initial December 10 release date. It had been hyped for ages and was so popular that it quite literally broke the then quite tiny Internet.

Of course nothing will ever compare to the groundbreaking features of SPISPOPD. Ever.


Made by FTL guys? Ok! I’ll check it out. I am into Turn-Based Strategy games.

X-Com 2 is super awesome and challenging as f…


mmm i miss the days of Shareware. Reminds of Scorched Earth. It was the mother of all games.


It was all so innocent back then. Hehehehehe. Yes they were very innovative times, more so than now. Games could be made in bedrooms and become successful. Not so now you need a budget of millions as agenatal rule. Though there are still exceptions of course.


I remember my first successful download back in the day. It was the DOOM demo and it took a solid eight hours for less than a mb of data. When I woke up and found it had downloaded successfully, I was ecstatic! I played that demo for a month solid before finally getting the full game. Those were the days. Wearing the headphones and having it cranked up so I didn’t hear my kids behind me, laughing their asses off at their old man busting yet another cheap plastic chair that the wife kept replacing after I’d rock back too many times trying to physically avoid the missiles shot at me in-game. hehe



Nice. That was the PC game that spawned a whole generation of Shooters. I know Wolfenstien 3D preceded it but it was nowhere near the iconic game that Doom was. It was a moment I will never forget playing Doom. What a rush and damn scary to boot.