Newbie wishes help


Ah, fair enough. To avoid further derailing this thread from the OP I’ll end the conversation here but I’d strongly recommend for the OP to listen to whatever he can before purchasing since as demonstrated here tastes vary quite a bit even amongst professionals/audiophiles.


@Tony I love this kind of conversations, really helps get a few varied looks (or, well. Hearings?) on whatever product is being talked about. If I’m lucky on deliveries, I’ll be able to try the X2 next week, and by then I’ll have been able to listen to multiple different 'phones (both open and closed). Hopefully by then I’ll have been able to get a feel for what kind of sound I enjoy in headphones.


Glad you found it helpful :). And I wish you the best of luck with your headphone hunt – I’m interested to hear what you decide upon and your impressions of each.


@Keinar You probably already pulled the trigger, but I would second this. I’ve owned both of the originals and either would provide a great entry point into this hobby. The Massdrop price is a bargain. Can’t imagine you would be disappointed, but if you can try any headphone first that would be the way to go. Good luck!


I have, indeed, pulled the trigger already on a set of headphones (More specifically, the X2HR. I’m really liking them so far, though I’ve begun giving thought to maybe touching the EQ settings).
I’d have loved to try the HD-6XX, but every time I’ve bought something that ships from the US, I’ve always had the bad luck of customs and taxes (For example, buying something worth 155 USD (And about 40 USD for shipping), I had to pay 75 USD for customs & taxes).
I do, however, have plans to eventually get a pair of them, however far into the future that’ll be.


You may want to research Massdrop some more. I believe one of the main attractions (aside from good prices) is the fact that unlike Amazon their service is available to international customers. There are probably folks here that can speak to this 1st hand. I’ve ordered stuff from them, but I live int he US. Anyway, maybe worth researching? Cheers