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OMG. I read up some on how and why to use Roon because I wasn’t getting it. I think I am getting it right now. Started tagging some of my favorite artists. I think that right now my big problem with Roon is that I have a bunch of still un-ripped CDs and lots of vinyl. So Roon doesn’t know that much about my tastes. So I started to educate it. Soon it popped up a nice and familiar Zappa track. Reading notes, I saw reference to Flo & Eddie, who sang with Zappa quite a bit, and whom I have on Turtles and one of their solo albums.

Then Roon mentioned that they did some “inexplicably weird reggae” BINGO!

I’m listening to

Never heard this before. I can tell it will become a favorite. 1981. What was I doing that I missed it?


One of the best sources of new, old and in between music I found is from “Radio Paradise” . They bill themselves as “eclectic”. Amazing they are listener supported, otherwise free station. Nothing but a few words in between 3 or 4 songs. Like "Thank you for listening . We found after had good it was, we couldn’t help but donate a few bucks with all the pleasure it gives.
I don’t know how many times I’ve gone a bought a cd as a result of hearing a great artist I had never heard of before.


Back in the day of used CD stores, I’d walk down the aisles and buy stuff randomly based on the cover art. At least 50% of them were not worth much ($1 to $2), but I made a few discoveries. The most memorable cover art award went to Jane Jensen, “Comic Book Whore” (typical 1990s alt-pop/rock):


Thanks for the callout to Radio Paradise. I added them to Roon on my iPhone and listened for a while last night very quietly as I went to sleep, using the “bedphones” found after my post about needing a comfortable headphone to sleep with.
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Radio Paradise has a very nice linup, with about half music I knew well, a quarter music I did not and a quarter music I’d never heard. And yeah, I used to like Sirius Attic before they took it off, just like they say on their web page.

Favorite Gear Purchase of 2018

Ah yes. I’ve bought several cds after hearing artist I had never listened to before. Their lineup is billed as eclectic. Includes all genres with no advertising. World music not just what we know.