New Music Thread


Have a couple new ones I’ve been enjoying lately!

(while not new I just found this song yesterday and I am quite enjoying in, particularly at the 1:29 mark when the song picks up. I believe its guitars mixed with a wind flute)

Mostly indie stuff here if you’re into that.


Olafur Arnalds has a new record out that is really good. Re:member. If you do not know him, he’s an Icelandic pianist. He has done a lot of very creative projects over the years and is still super young. His latest record, he employs two upright pianos which “listen” to his piano and plays their own melodies based on an algorithm that Olafur and his friend created. It’s pretty crazy.

Here’s a live show from NPR that demonstrates it:

I also really like his Living Room Songs album a lot. Daily listen for me. I just got tickets to his show in Seattle in January, so pretty stoked to see him finally.


Good take on this track, really enjoy listening to it, and Lily Allen really adds a nice spin to it, you can just catch her accent, which I think adds to the feeling of the song.


This popped up on my weekly discover and it is stuck in my head and playlist now!


I’ve been browsing TIDAL using Roon. I saw this and clicked because I am generally happy with Blue Note’s production. Ambrose Akinmusire’s 4th album, Origami Harvest.

This is great headphone content. I don’t know quite what genres it breaks. Jazz, Hip-Hop, Chamber, and Spoken Word for sure. Thoughtful and brilliant. Some explicit lyrics, but tastefully done. I may add this to my list of content to use for critical listening and if I ever do reviews. Very well produced.

Makes me want to glue the MQA path from Mac Mini to iFi xDSD to modded STAX tube amp to STAX headphones (old) permanently down. I could miss the Penn State football game listening to this. :kissing_heart:

It was just released October 12. On a number of services. Tidal has a sample video.

Blue Note has a thoughtful spotlight

Tidal listening pointer


This album is great, Blackbird… just wow.


St. Vincent is the apparent reincarnation of Prince

St. Vincent (Anne Clark) rose to prominence with the 2014 album St. Vincent, at which time she was certainly one of the most unusual people in the “mainstream”–if mainstream music even exists today. She also displayed quite a talent for rolling around on stage (37:00 minute mark):

She’s an art rocker who attended the Berklee College Of Music. With 2017’s Masseduction, the art rock became more explicit and downright kinky:

So now in 2018, she released MassEducation, a song-by-song self-cover of the entire Masseduction album. What makes it different is that it’s 100% voice and piano. So, you must focus on lyrics such as “I can’t turn off what turns me on” with an arrangement that could occur in any jazz/standards lounge anywhere. The meaning isn’t drowned out by the visuals and production here. I guess that’s the point. Brave new world. Postmodern Jukebox to your own work.

All of this brought to mind one of the more unconventional mainstream pop hits of all time: Prince’s rhythm and falsetto Kiss:

Naturally, (in the postmodern genre) old-school Tom Jones almost immediately released a more conventional cover. It was also a genuine 1980s hit:

St. Vincent: Arty, explicit, professional risk-taker
Prince: Arty, explicit, professional risk-taker

Don’t expect or even try to like everything they have created, but expect to be surprised.


been listening to some of her tracks for a bit now…well mastered too (at least in my limited understanding of it lol)!


Not really sure where to classify this but I have always enjoyed Chromeo. Their music is just flat out fun.

And they were recently on NPR Tiny Desk, which is my favorite youtube channel for music discovery.


Tiny Desk is a fun channel. Some great new music too.


cool track…showed up on a catered for you playlist by spotify…


I’ve been listening to these two tracks a lot the past couple days…pretty sure I got them on Monday from my new weekly music on Spotify


I don’t speak French, but I really like this artist and she just put out a new album! It is kind of interesting/compelling listening to someone sing in a foreign language. Definitely give it a listen if you have the time…


Ambient and multi-layered folktronica. I concur:


New Lake Street Drive album:


Maggie Roger’s dancing may be questionable, but she’s a great song-writer, and well recorded.


Punch Brothers (headed by ex- Nickel Creek mandolin genius Chris Thile) put out an incredible album this year.

The lossless version of this song has made my “how good as these headphones” playlist:


Here’s a new experimental concept album:

Atmospheric hyper distortion with lots of songs from the Minotaur’s perspective (don’t think too much…just go along for the ride).