New Music Thread


Then you’ll probably like this one as well:


Absolutely outstanding. So beautiful . When I got to the end the image I though of in words was “Back to the Embryo”

How wonderful it is to see the videos with the music. To see the intent artistically,

I’m sure the day come soon when we listen to our headphones while on some other device or even the headphones will show these videos at the same time. Who knows, it may already exist.

I guess I’m off to buy some “Novo Amor”


Alright, I went and bought “Heiress” . I hated when I saw “Birthplace” will not be released until October 18th. Oh well I at least saw the video.

Thanks again for the heads up on what they are referring to as “Environmental Music”


I’ve been listening to Ali Handal lately, nice guitar based rock.


Paper Kites are one of my favourite dreampop bands, and they are releasing not one but two full albums this year. Here’s the title track to the first one:


Very nice and mellow in an all too hectic world. Thanks


These guys have a pretty unique sound. A lot of fun mixing of genres in a lot of their songs. Here’s one of their newer ones:


massive track list, plenty of new tracks exclusive to the Spotify singles sessions, very cool tracks and some that I’m not interested in, but it is a very diverse and massive tracklist. Reminds me of those old VH1 unplugged video tracks

Edit: artist perform one of their songs then a cover…pretty cool I’m almost through the whole playlist (I next track songs I don’t like. Makes getting to cool new music faster)


man I love a good brass section!


New albums out from The Punch Brothers and Lucero:

The Punch Brothers - All Ashore

Lucero - Among the Ghosts



Chris Thile is so good it hurts my feelings a little. His music has a beautiful unexpected inevitability.


So this came on my Spotify New Music Friday playlist…I don’t know how I feel about it but thought it was…interesting to hear Paul crooning “I just want to FUH you” lol


Gave them a listen during the morning commute this week. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.



This is probably not a new track for most of you guys. But if it is please give it a listen I think it’s a fascinating track. Sorry I’m on my mobile and have no way to link it but the song is:

Chan Chan - Buena Vista Social Club.

There are also some more wonderful tracks on this great album too - Buena Vista Social Club.



It’s a great album, and a great track. It’s not new to me, but it’s been too long since I’ve listened.

Ry Cooder has been involved in some interesting projects. I also like the below:


Yes I’m loving the Buena Vista stuff. And thank you I will get into your suggested tracks imminently.:grinning:



**Sergei Rachmaninoff quotes

  • “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.” ― Sergei Rachmaninov. …

It really makes you think???


The challenge is that there is so much in the past,so much right now and so much to come. Not enough time.


This song is why I’m weird dancing at my desk today: