New Music Thread


I must have been out of it for the last month, didn’t notice this release until today.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of


this group plays popular song in marching band mode…sooo very cool!


Old shit; new to me. Frankly I am quite blown away by this album; both the material and production is pretty much flawless.


that guitar on my HD800 is just crazy…if nothing else a lot of tracks on this album are great headphone testers.


I love piano music… such a thrill to listen to


I’m listening to the latest releases from Cowboy Junkies and The Wild Feathers which are both great!


Thanks! I love CJ so much. Margo Timmins has such a beautiful voice


I don’t often listen to this kind of music (stoner metal), but these guys are pretty great.

Sleep - The Sciences


Wolf Alice: A band producing more ‘good’ Pixies albums…in the early style before Kim Deal was forced out…


Eliza Gilkyson has a new album too and sounds a bit like Margo Timmins:


This song just…wow… listen through all the way, there is so much going on. Such a cool track…


Can we define “new music” Originally it was posted as music released within the last year. But is that across ALL genres. I tend to listen to classical and jazz so new music for me would be in those genres. Or we can just keep as new music/released within the last year across all genres.


Currently listening Michal Menert’s - Slow Coast 2. A great mix of some chilled out summery, downbeat, elctro, glitch hoppy beats.

Much more chilled than the normal electro-soul and electro-jazz or what ever you call it scene that has some killer talent coming out of Colorado right now.


Oh and I can’t forget this banger. One of my favourite tracks I’ve discovered in the last few months!

One of the ultimate feel good tracks of dirty funky eltro soul.

Hands down one my favourite new tracks of the last few months.

Jelly by Opiou, feat Texture Like Sun on vocals.


Loving this! Thanks for sharing.


I meant for it to be all genres, but whatever people want to do is fine.


That Hallelujah song is sly.


I wish to take everyone who has posted in this tjread. I have find so much new music this way
Thank you!


Friend reminded me of this Novo Amor song today, which will definitely be on my “2018 best sad songs about working in a sulphur mine” list.


Absolutely Outstanding My take on this was such Love, Sacrifice, and Courage which summed up for me , the “Beauty” of this man’s existence to do whatever it takes to Love and provide for his family.

Thank you