New Music Thread


I haven’t checked out the music yet, but I love this album art.


I am tempted. What’s your take on it compared to it predecessor?


As a music fan, I really enjoy it. There are some good songs on there. As a Ghost fan, it’s a little disappointing that there isn’t nearly as much occult stuff in the lyrics as their previous albums. For me, Meliora is kind of the sweet spot and Prequelle doesn’t quite live up to it. It’s still a fun listen though.


I really enjoyed Meliora, but didn’t connect at all with their previous work, so I might have to check it out. Thanks man


This was an interesting album…mostly country which isn’t my thing…but I do love me some Johnny Cash ( I know, I know he is country…don’t you judge me!!! :wink: )


I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’m the type who listens to a couple albums on repeat for, like, ever. So, I don’t exactly get through a whole lot of new music very quickly. Lol. Here’s what’s playing on repeat!

A Perfect Circle’s new one, Eat the Elephant:

And Arctic Monkeys’ Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino:

Take a listen!


While most will not understand the words I think just like the melodies of these songs are worth listening to:


Love this thread! I’ve been listening to v2.0 from GoGo Penguin quite a bit. It’s an interesting blend of Jazz with flavors of electronica.


YOB: Our Raw Heart. The bass is down-right subterranean at times, and my Alpha Primes are the best match so far.

However, this is extremely heavy stuff, and is somewhat of an acquired taste. Just be warned, if you’re uninitiated to the peculiar nuances of Doom…


I listen to new music(classical mostly,might go into jazz,blues,R&B). I simply don’t like hard rock etc. When I do listen to new music, I use Apple Music with a Headroom Bithead amplifier and it does give me just enough extra juice to get me to a quality level to hear and listen and be accessible to NEW music.


Check out these guys (and girl): Kammerflimmer Kollektief. Good starting point may be Cicadidae or Wildling.


Thanks for sharing! I’m listening to Cicadidae right now and finding it sonically very interesting but musically challenging. Reminds me of my first time drinking scotch–wasn’t exactly pleasant, but turned out to be far from the last time I would drink scotch.


Did someone say scotch…looks around like Cookie monster looking for cookies


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This is a beautifully mastered album… all the songs have lil nuances to pick up on in the background. Not really a fan of how they are portraying the vocals…but that could just be the HD800s I’m listening with.


Generally speaking I have a love/hate relationship with country music. I like the fact that you can generally hear the vocal and the songs do tell a story. Maybe check out Cash’s “American Recordings.” It’s his last recordings. There is no “Grande Ole Opry House” sugary stuff.


I’m listening to as much new music I can. Usually at night. Classical,Country,Blues…all in that category. Just to keep up I use Apple Itunes subscription music(I have other Apple stuff). Use an IPhone with an Headroom Airhead/Sennheiser HD600 and that combo gives me just enough oomph to listen to a lot of new music. Once in a while I will buy it.


I have it on Spotify now also , thanks to your post about it. I love Kimbra. I am looking for it in Flac So I can DL it to my JRiver setup.


I got you fam!


Very cool performance of Stay by Churches