New Headphones coming from JDS Labs



Hmmm…well I think from my time with them (Vokyl headphones) I don’t think they would be a great “dedicated competitive” headset, now for an overall great headset/headphone they are worth/will be worth it (depending on individual preferences, and what they change with the coming iterations before final build). Honestly the best headphone I’ve found for competitive so far has been the HD700, but everyones mileage will vary with those for sure. Personally I’m a fan of the HD700, but understand why some do not like them. Also if playing on PC the Mobius does a very good job with imaging, separation and soundstage…but on console I felt without the DSP they wouldn’t be worth it for me. Honestly the PC37X from Massdrop is great even on PC, and is my go to for console gaming.


Had some co-workers who really dig the PC37Xs, you’ll have to let us/me know what you think of the Erupt VS those when we send it back around


For sure!


I don’t expect the Erupt to be a dedicated headphone for competitive gaming. It’s fair to have high expectations of imaging and separation at $400, which are, if I’m not mistaken, pretty desirable sound characteristics for music too. I have HD700 as well and also think it’s one of the best for competitive gaming.


@Tacanacy hopefully with the next tweaks done to these that they will be good for competitive. I think we have all been dancing around this due to how hard it is to definitively state that something as subjective as a headphone will be everything people want. Some people will not like these and find that they don’t sound good…plenty of people already have stated that (granted most were basing that off of music lol) now from my perspective as having used them 95% with gaming a mix of single and multiplayer. I felt for me that I liked them enough and have the income to support having them and replacing my PC37X when I finally get them in hand :smile: As I recall while playing multiplayer games they were rather good and I could pick up and locate where people were and where they were coming from, in fact during multiplayer I think they shined the most. It was with music and some single-player aspects that everything started getting that far and away sound, which was still very good sounding just a little too far away for me. I hope that helps, I also agree if something is at a certain price point I expect certain quality and abilities from it (especially if it is being marketed for said abilities). I still have faith in the Vokyl team to produce said headphones…but it is still a gamble :wink: I have a feeling most of the people that used these weighted there time in the opposite of me so also take that as it is (I got into headphones from the gaming world side of things). I also might have a completely different sound preference to you. It helps to try and find people with similar likes/similar sound preference to better understand what a product will be like for yourself, and even then there are bogeys lol.


I have Red Dead Redemption 2 now. Bring the Vokyl back to me. I can start gaming again! :slight_smile:

I wish I had time to game on them when I had them but it just didnt really work out for me at the time.


Aww that’s single player, so it won’t count ;3

Kidding of course, though I have more details regarding that on head fi


Yep. I saw your posts. Thanks!


I have got to agree the HD700 were great headphones for me with excellent comfort.